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5 Canadian Lifestyle Brands You Need to Know

“O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all of us command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise”… and so forth. But really you probably know Canada as the land of hockey, poutine, maple syrup, freezing cold, and as a friendly neighbor to the north of the United States. But, O, Canada has so much more to offer, including a selection of lifestyle brands that should be on your radar.

Naked and Famous Denim

Standing naked in the middle of a crowded street will surely get you famous in a hurry and that is exactly Naked and Famous Denim’s intention. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Naked and Famous Denim has made a name for themselves by stitching together the finest denim, jackets, and shirts for men and women. And naturally, this comes with the obscurities of glow-in-the-dark denim, cashmere blends, raspberry scratch-n-sniff, reflective denim, and rainbow-fade denim. Their intent is to be a satire, poking fun at Hollywood and straying from the celebrity-endorsed price premium many other brands tend to charge. It’s a brand focused on quality, standing alone in a crowded industry, somewhat Naked but definitely Famous.

Kit and Ace

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Kit and Ace is focused on design for the two-wheeled commuters of the world. Their benchmark is the bike and clothes suited for pedaling through life. Kit and Ace design clothes that are at home on a bicycle and look even better at the office. The clothes are meant to be worn all day long, not just on the bike and then to be bagged once you arrive at your location. The fabrics breath, are reflective to car headlights, and their visual appeal seals the deal, in and out of the boardroom.

Reigning Champ

“Respect the Details. Master Simplicity,” are the principles Reigning Champ is built on. Based in Vancouver, Reigning Champ is designing and manufacturing premium athletic wear for men and women alike. They literally have you covered head to toe with shoes, socks, shorts, pants, shirts, caps, and — after a shower to rinse away a training session — Reigning Champ has a robe for lounging recovery. The fabrics are designed and developed to emphasize a rugged construction with supreme comfort. And once you’re dialed up in their clothes, the gym, long run, or long-standing bout will surely fear you.

Wings + Horns

With style and emphasis on perspectives to the Pacific Northwest, Wings + Horns is elevating simplicity. Their inspiration is drawn from years in Japan, meticulously crafting and building a brand before opening Wings + Horns’ current operations in Vancouver. The designs are modern and evoke a sense of distinction aided by their inherent values of discipline and detail. The simplicity extends through the entire line with subtle pantones and aside from a few stripes and a single plaid, Wings + Horns is all about solids. And remember, Fait Au Canada.


A counter-movement to fast fashion, Muttonhead is focused on slow design and the hope of making fair trade clothing accessible to all. Muttonhead is North American Made (that has a nice ring to it) with design and inspiration coming from their Toronto, Ontario, headquarters. A good majority of the product line is crafted from recycled fabrics and there is always emphasis on locally made, fair trade unisex outerwear. Their lookbook is playful overall and extends through the whole family, and with each piece, there is a deep-rooted sense of love and craft … and Canada. Muttonhead is brand and practice for those who love the outdoors, respect the quality of locally sewn goods, and above all, high-five production efforts to reduce environmental impact.

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