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The Best Workout Brands For Men Right Now

Fall may be here, but the cooler temps shouldn’t dissuade you from working out. If you want to stay motivated with your fitness goals until the new year, we suggest you stay motivated with some new athletic gear. Sure the stuff from college is technically fine, but why not ditch the old gym shorts and invest in some high-quality garments that could actually optimize your workout instead of just barely getting you through it?

With that in mind, we thought we’d run through some of the best brands for men’s workout clothes on the internet. These companies run the gamut from household names to exciting newcomers, so there’s bound to be one that’s going to be the absolute perfect fit for you and your type of workout, whether that’s hoops in the park, sprints on the track, or arm workouts in the gym.

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga has built a steady following among yoga and fitness devotees alike. The brand’s sleek and technical tanks and shorts are meant for maximum mobility for headstand inversions, deep hip openers, and other challenging yoga postures. The not-so-flashy yoga gear remains functional first and minimalist in style and color for a clean-cut, less-is-more modern aesthetic.

Price Range: $$$

Perfect For: The fashion forward guy that takes a Vinyasa class on his lunch break and drinks oat milk lattes.


Tracksmith is a vintage-inspired performance brand that celebrates running culture. The products are equal parts stylish and functional with nods to ivy league athletic nostalgia. From tanks to tees, windbreakers and short shorts, the Boston-based brand has become a favorite among novice and professional runners alike.

 Price Range: $$-$$$

Perfect For: The indie marathon runner who owns a record player, and celebrates each race with high-end craft beer.


Puma covers just about every style: Classic, sporty, cool, and casual with a consistent solid fit and function across the board. Aside from their huge lifestyle sector of streetwear and kicks, the brand also offers accessories and apparel for the basketball player, soccer player, gym rat, and motorsport athlete (think: Flashy colors and bold logos).

Price Range: $$

Perfect For: The multi-hypen athlete who isn’t afraid to show off bright colors and bold logos.



Once you go Lulu, it’ll be hard to wear anything else. Although pricey at times, the fabric and fit make the brand’s leggings worth the investment. Although the Canadian brand was started with yoga in mind, it now offers gear for training, running, golf, athleisure, and even casual attire.

 Price Range: $$$-$$$$

Perfect For: A minimalist that values basic style and comfort and now that his startup took off—brand names.


While Bombas makes great t-shirts, it is known for its high-tech performance socks. Each pair is constructed with comfort features like strategic zone cushioning, moisture-wicking, and airflow ventilation. Bombas covers running, hiking, tennis, golf, cycling, basketball, skiing, and more. For every pair purchased, they donate one to someone affected by homelessness. So far, the firm has donated more than 30 million items to more than 2,500 community organizations to date.

Price Range: $$

Perfect For: The socially conscious and detail-oriented shopper.

Fabletics Men

Fabletics recently launched its first menswear collection in partnership with Kevin Hart. The brand’s approach to men’s activewear is to be affordable and approachable without sacrificing fit and style, and without putting too much thought into it. You can purchase items at regular retail prices or join their flexible VIP program where members are offered new styles and special deals every month. If you’re not ready to make a purchase, you can easily skip the month and a credit will be added to your account to use at any time as it never expires. Fabletics Men takes the stress out of shopping while also keeping your gym drawer updated.

Price Range: $-$$$

Perfect For: The three-day-a-week gym-goer that hates shopping and brand names, but cares about looking fresh with minimum effort.


nike workout clothing brand

In the decades since its founding in 1964, Nike has gone on to become the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Christened with the brand’s iconic swoosh, each product is as sleek as it is practical, marrying functionality with a fashion-forward aesthetic. This is perhaps why Nike has always been such a hit with athletes and streetwear enthusiasts alike and has garnered such a solid reputation among a myriad of different customers. While the company is best known for its shoes (particularly the Air Jordan and Air Max models), it also boasts a wide range of other products geared toward nearly every sport imaginable.

Price range: $-$$$

Perfect for: Rounding out your style with some tried-and-true gear.


Of course, no roundup of fantastic men’s workout clothes would be complete without Adidas, the sort of hip older brother to Nike’s all-American vibe. While the two brands are pretty similar (shhh don’t tell the die-hards), we think Adidas has a somewhat broader focus than Nike’s specific “anyone can be an athlete” one. What this means is that Adidas dabbles in pretty much everything from tracksuits to running shoes to accessories and has slightly more crossover appeal between the gym and the outside world. Plus, celebrities love an Adidas moment and the brand has certainly benefited from a heavy dose of influencer clout over the years.

Price range: $-$$

Perfect for: Looking cool while hitting the grind.


rhone workout clothing brand

Rhone has made a name for itself with a line of streamlined workout gear designed for optimized mobility and performance. What this means is that each article of clothing is infused with all the tech you’ll need to get some serious work done in your next spin class, including anti-microbial, four-way stretch, and moisture-wicking properties. While the duds may not be anything fancy to look at, their simplicity is emblematic of their purpose, i.e., to help you achieve your fitness goals without fuss. You can’t really go wrong with any of the goods, but we’re especially big fans of the Mako short and Swift short sleeve shirt.

Price range: $$-$$$

Perfect for: Filling out your workout wardrobe with some awesome essentials.

Under Armour

Under Armour workout clothing brand gym weight lifting
Under Armour

While Under Armour has traditionally favored substance over style, the brand has recently upped its fashion game in keeping with the rising athleisure trend. The extensive line of athletic gear here is probably most appropriate for those looking to do some serious training at the gym as opposed to those who want to look fly at a post-workout brunch. Notably, many of the items are built with recovery in mind, especially those outfitted with the brand’s proprietary UA Tech, which not only actively cools, but also helps fight pesky odors and moisture.

Price range: $-$$

Perfect for: Hitting the gym with precision and comfort.


Gymshark studio collection yoga pants

One of the more affordable options on the list, Gymshark is a popular athletic brand featuring tops and bottoms ranging in price from $18-$50. Advertised as being “built for graft, not for glamour,” the workout line is relatively bare-bones and is constructed mostly with cotton fabric. While this may not be a great fit for those in search of uber-intense athletic garb that’ll wick moisture or absorb odor, it could be a real winner for those gym rats who want something that’ll transition seamlessly between different spaces, especially as many of the items feature interesting graphics and bright colors.

Price range: $

Perfect for: Spending less and bringing some contemporary style into your workout wear rotation.


Vuori workout clothing brand

California-based Vuori does athletic wear with a West Coast sensibility, creating clothes that are technically sound but still totally chill, bro. What this means is that the collection of joggers, shorts, and shirts is probably best suited to those guys who want fantastic workout gear, but don’t necessarily need it to look like workout gear. In the place of sheeny polyester or breathable mesh, fellas will find bright colors, fun patterns, and an overall relaxed aesthetic that’s at home on the beach and the weight room.

Price range: $$-$$$

Perfect for: Diverting from the athletic wear norm.

Outdoor Voices

outdoor voices nimbus cotton pants
Outdoor Voices

If athleisure is your MO, Outdoor Voices might just be the athletic brand for you. Though the collection here is certainly not as expansive as the others in this round-up, its specific focus on contemporary silhouettes could really work for guys who want to stay on trend. We’re especially intrigued by the new EcoMesh T-Shirt, which combines mesh with 100% recyclable polyester for a top that’s as breathable as it is eco-friendly. Other standouts include the Sunday Short and RecTrek Jogger. Plus, you can take advantage of the OV kit deal in which you can pair one bottom with one top for just $95.

Price range: $$

Perfect for: Modernizing your workout gear with some trendy styles.


ryu apparel workout clothing

Ryu Apparel is all about designing clothes for the athletic individual, whether they’re hitting leg day or just hitting a local cafe. In this vein, the goods here are specifically built to look as natural in the gym as they do outside it, which could be a plus for those with an exceptionally active lifestyle. Available in an array of muted colors, Ryu’s hoodies, pullovers, joggers, and shirts are all constructed with an airy knit jersey incorporated with just a touch of spandex for stretch. The resulting collection is therefore comfortable, breathable, and super functional.

Price range: $-$$

Perfect for: Pulling off that post-gym glow even on your cheat days.



Fourlaps is a New York City-based brand that draws inspiration from the kinetic energy and grit of its hometown. The result is a diverse array of tops, bottoms, and accessories that are as tough as they are stylish. Take the popular Rush Hoodie, for example, which amps up a classic silhouette with super soft French Terry and breathable mesh. Or the Extend Short, crafted from a four-way stretch material that’s also moisture-wicking and antimicrobial. All in all, a great brand for city dwelling athletes in need of workout gear that can handle both the gym and the urban jungle.

Price: $$

Perfect for: Folks in need of fashion-forward workout clothes that are practical yet fashion-forward.


No Bull
No Bull

As the name suggests, No Bull is a brand that skips the bullsh*t in favor of no-fuss workout gear that’s functional, durable, and affordable. While you won’t find playful graphic tees or sleek joggers in this collection, you will discover plenty of essential items built to last through both workouts and passing trends. It’s a straightforward approach to athletic apparel that could work wonders for guys in search of optimized basics, from t-shirts to compression tights, zip-up sweaters, performance hoodies, lightweight shorts, and more.

Price: $ – $$

Perfect for: Serious athletes in search of no-frills gear to get them through the grind.



Are you someone who finds most athletic brands to be a little, well …  intense? Then Olivers Apparel might just be the one for you! The Los Angeles-based company sells a bevy of workout essentials that are as accessible as they are effective. From the All Over Short (built with quick-drying four-way stretch) to the Bradbury Jogger (made from lightweight, water-repellent fabric), the items here are designed with subtlety and optimization in mind. It also doesn’t hurt that they look as good outside the gym as they do in it.

Price: $$

Perfect for: The casual gym rat looking to score some straightforward yet stylish essentials.

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