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The Best Sustainable Date Night Shirts During Quarantine

stylish sustainable wardrobe

As people around the world create new ways to be social while social distancing, our dating rituals have gone (even more) online. Zoom dates are the new “let’s meet for drinks” so that’s probably got you wondering: What should I wear for a Zoom date? Of course, our vote is always for something sustainable, but there are a few other things to keep in mind. Dress up, but don’t overdress. If you wear a T-shirt, you’re sending off “I don’t care” signals.

Even though you’re indoors in your own home, showing a little initiative on a date is always important. On the other hand, you can’t really wear a jacket indoors without looking unnatural, and it should go without saying, you should never wear a hat indoors. This leaves you with button downs and knits for up top. For the waist down, make sure you’re wearing pants of some kind. Preferably not joggers or sweats, but not slacks either. That leaves your favorite jeans. If you don’t already own a solid pair of jeans, head over to DL1969 or Nudie Jeans for a pair in your favorite fit and rinse. As for the waist up, that will depend more on your personality. Here are a few suggestions, based on your interests:

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Loud Music, Motorcycles, and Whiskey

Taylor Stitch Mechanic Shirt

Taylor Stitch Shirt

Taylor Stitch’s Mechanic Shirt is dark, rugged, and classic; the Marlon Brando of sustainable shirts. A dark button down is always a great choice for date night, and the oversized buttons on this one give it a unique, work wear personality. Taylor Stitch is a great company in terms of style, quality, and sustainability, so if you like this item, check out the rest of the brand’s collection.

Vintage Furniture, Literature, and Red Wine

Buck Mason Vintage Cashmere Shawl Cardigan

Buck Mason Cardigan

This cashmere Buck Mason cardigan will not only make you look handsome and erudite, but also snuggly. Your date will be dreaming of the day they can finally touch you IRL.

Outerknown Plaid Shirt

Outerknown Shirt

Pair this cardi with the S.E.A. plaid shirt from Outerknown for a pop of print and color.

Nudie Jeans Offwhite T-Shirt

Roger Slub Offwhite T-Shirt

While you’re at it, throw in this classic white tee from Nudie. A layered look always feels pulled together, even if it’s casual, and that hint of white tee is sexy, suggesting what’s underneath. Meow.

Vodka, Late-Night Dancing, and Art

Nudie Jeans Camp Shirt

Nudie Jeans Camp Shirt

The Arvid shirt is fun, just like you, and understands the balance between color and shape. Nudie is a Swedish company that has many great sustainable pieces for anyone who likes things a little different, like western shirts and leopard print sweaters. Go forth, wild one, and shop your date night look.

Netflix, Indie Rock, and Craft Beer

Buck Mason Oxford Shirt

Buck Mason Perfect Oxford One Pocket Shirt

This is timeless and attractive, but thanks to its use of great color, not boring. The lake blue Buck Mason button down is a gorgeous hue and highly recommended for someone with light eyes or a medium to dark complexion.

Outerknown Rambler Shirt

Outerknown Rambler Shirt

Another great sustainable option, roll up the sleeves to give it a little extra kick.

Buck Mason Cotton Sweater

Buck Mason Sweater

Wear this vintage sweater over your shirt for a charming finish.

Choosing the right date night look is about showing your personality while looking handsome and friendly. Luckily, these sustainable options have got you covered.

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