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The 10 Best Cashmere Hoodies For Men

A soft layer can go so hard. As New Year’s resolutions fall wayward and cold weather sticks around, you owe it to yourself to stay comfortable and stay stylish with the best cashmere hoodies for men. We’ve told you before about some of the best men’s clothing stores, and about the best brands for men that you should be looking into. If some of the best cashmere hoodies don’t fit your fancy, check out other hoodie recommendations as well.

Rag & Bone Haldon Cashmere Hoodie

This slim and stylish piece from Nordstrom hangs so well. There’s the standard black, but there’s also a lovely camel brown color available to really fully tie together the winter fit.

Club Monaco Boiled Cashmere Pullover Hoodie

The big pocket and long strings on this number make for a more athletic fit than others, but you still get the cashmere comfort. The periwinkle blue here, too, is so distinct. Just a cool piece all around.

State Cashmere Men’s Full Zip-Up Hoodie

Amazon Fashion usually has some great — and more affordable — options, and this hanging red number rules. A more relaxed fit, and a zip-up if you’re looking to bundle up. A bold, relaxed, affordable layer? Too nice.

Rick Owens Brown Cashmere Hoodie

For something more industrialist, more high fashion (at a pretty remarkable markdown at the moment), this brown hoodie from Rick Owens is good for some intense comfort, and one of the best cashmere hoodies for men.

Frenckenberger Black Cashmere Hoodie

A slim fit, a sleek look, but this deep black hoodie feels as soft as its hard look. Such a versatile piece for any wardrobe. Not a single look this one wouldn’t go with. This piece is also at a hefty momentary markdown.

Thom Browne 4 Bar Zip-Up Cashmere Hoodie

One of the higher-end options, this Thom Browne hoodie does offer a more casual vibe to your nicer, more formal wear. The bold design on the sleeve, too, is a personal favorite.

Citizen Cashmere Cashmere Hoodie

This full-zip option from Citizen Cashmere is lightweight, sleek, and — as always — super comfortable. Designed in Paris, but available on Amazon, the Citizen full-zip comes in a few dark, versatile colors.

Beyond Fashion Pure Cashmere Sweater Pocket Hoodie Pullover

A personal favorite of mine because it’s not so often that you find a casual cashmere piece in this color. Dark tones are nice, but when you can pull off a new color in your wardrobe is when you’re really doing something special. This piece from Amazon Fashion, too, is particularly affordable.

Theory Men’s Lievos Full Zip Cashmere Hoodie

Another full-zip option, this time from Theory. I really love the style of gray on this one. So often a gray will have too much spackle or end up too dark — this one is a nice light layer that feels as soft as it looks. There’s a couple of darker options, too, if this one’s not your type.

Vince Men’s Cashmere Full Zip Hoodie

The color here is “coastal,” and I think that’s exactly right. The vibe is very “I’m near a boat at the moment,” or “Ah, I can smell the salty brine…”

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