Hydrate: The 10 Best Water Bottles of 2016

best water bottles of 2016

More and more these days Americans are ditching their sodas, juices, and sports drinks for plain old H2O. The problem is, we’re reaching for bottled water instead of the stuff from the tap. Disposable water bottles can take up to 1,000 years to bio-degrade and, if burned (as most are at the end of their life cycle), can produce toxic fumes that pollute the air we breathe and, eventually, the water we drink. While recycling is an option when it comes to these plastic bottles, it’s not exactly the most environmentally friendly solution, because only certain types of plastic bottles can be recycled at all. The majority are simply cast away as litter. Don’t even get us started on the privatization of water and water rights by large, multinational soft drink and food corporations. That’s a post for another magazine.

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So, do your part to help the environment and your own health by opting for an eco-friendly, reusable water bottle, rather than your standard 24-pack of Poland Springs. We put together this list of the 10 best water bottles out there today. Most of these are inexpensive, attractive, and will last you at least a decade. Pick one of these and we guarantee you’ll feel better about how you hydrate.

Nalgene on the Fly, $13

nalgene water bottle

Unbreakable and made from BPA-free plastic with a fully-attached cap, this water bottle by Nalgene is the set-standard for sports and on-the-go hydration.

Blender Bottle, $15

blender bottle

For those of you who like your water filled with protein, try out the Blender Bottle. Sold with a convenient wire blender ball, simply fill with water, add a couple of scoops of protein powder, shake, and you’re on your way muscle town.

CamelBak eddy, $15

camelbak water bottle

With a no-spill bite-spout and an interior straw going all the way to the bottom, you’ll never have to crane your neck to get the last drops of water ever again with the CamelBak eddy.

Hidrate Spark, $55

hidrate smart water bottle

This water bottle connects via Bluetooth to a hydration app that syncs up with all your smart health devices. Set your hydration goals for the day with the app and watch as this bottle records how many sips. If you’re falling short of your water-intake goal, the bottle will glow softly, alerting you to the fact that you need to drink more.

Hydroflask, $30


This insulated Hydroflask is guaranteed to keep cold liquids cold for up to 24 hours. If you wanted to add something hot, you’d have about six hours of steaming coffee before the temperature starts to dip. Made from stainless steel, with a wide-mouth cap, and a scratch-resistant, slip-free external powder coat, this bottle is perfect companion for a trip to the beach or a backyard barbecue.

Klean Kanteen, $15

klean canteen

Unlike most other Klean Kanteen bottle types, this one has a sport opening with a soft silicone spout, 25% higher flow rate and “chirp” free drinking experience. The large opening easily fits ice and the stainless steel design affords durability at a low price. Clip Klean Kanteen on your daypack and hike without worrying where your water will come from.

Lifestraw Go, $29

lifestraw water bottle

The Lifestraw Go water bottle is every hiker’s dream. Simply fill the 670 ML bottle up from any pond, river or stream and drink filtered water from the integrated filter straw. No need for water purification tablets or a pump here: Lifestraw removes up to 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria and 99.9 percent of waterborne protozoa. And this bottle is not only good for you and the environment, it’s also good for a child in need. For every Lifestraw Go sold, Lifestraw will donate an entire year of clean drinking water during school to a child in Africa.

Soma Bottle, $30

soma water bottle

The ultimate in eco-friendly, this bottle is made of shatter-proof glass and features a leak-proof bamboo cap made from renewable resources. The bottle also sports a soft-grip silicon sleeve and for every Soma Bottle purchased, a donation is made to charity: water, a nonprofit that supports safe drinking water projects globally.

S’well Teakwood, $35

swell water bottle

This double vacuum water bottle features a beautiful Teakwood finish on the exterior that says ‘classy.’ Bring this to the board meeting and everyone else at the table will be too distracted by its beauty to notice it’s practicality.

Vapur Eclipse, $11

vapur collapsible water bottle

This collapsible water bottle is perfect for hitting the trail or traveling. When not in use, it can be rolled up and secured on itself, allowing you to eliminate excess weight and the need for additional space that comes with a standard, rigid water bottle. Take this empty bottle with you through airport security, fill up at a fountain on the other side, and rest easy knowing you’ll be well-hydrated while in the air.