Prep Like a Survivalist With the 4 Best Bug-Out Bags

Even if you’re unconvinced of the impending apocalypse, it pays to be prepared in the event of a catastrophe. Hurricanes, earthquakes, locust swarms, alien invasion — no matter where you live, you’re at risk. Packing a proper bug-out bag in advance can be tedious. There’s a lot to consider and it’s important you don’t overlook anything. For the lazy or “survival-challenged,” these four pre-packed survival bags offer everything you need and nothing you don’t.

SEVENTY2 Survival System

Uncharted Supply

Based on the idea that most survival emergencies are resolved inside of 72 hours, the aptly named SEVENTY2 Survival System packs only the essentials. Uncharted Supply designed the pack in close collaboration with experts including first responders, backcountry guides, and special forces personnel. At barely 11 pounds and only 18 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches, it’s a streamlined form factor that can be easily stashed in your basement or car. Inside, you’ll find things like a three-in-one radio, an air filtration mask, high-calorie ration bars, water filtration equipment, and first aid necessities. A screen-printed insert features graphics outlining various survival tips and techniques. Plus, it’s all wrapped in a handsome, waterproof shell, because who doesn’t want to look good while running for their life?


Sustain Supply Co.

best bug out bags sustain supply co free shipping essential2

Assuming you’re not planning to bug-out alone — maybe you want to save your significant other or pet parakeet too — you’ll want to pack enough supplies for two. Sustain Supply Co.’s ESSENTIAL2 emergency bag has you covered with enough food, water and water sources, and supplies to get you through that critical 72-hour window. Inside the streamlined backpack, you’ll find whistles, a craft knife, an LED lantern, emergency blankets, a first aid kit, a cordage bundle, and more. A pack of bath wipes also ensures you needn’t ride out the storm smelling like a corpse.

Emergency Preparedness Starter Kit

American Red Cross

best bug out bags emergency preparedness starter kit
Red Cross

If money is an object and you’re looking for the bare minimum, American Red Cross’ Emergency Preparedness Starter Kit delivers. This ultra-compact survival kit offers everything you’ll need to survive a 12-hour crisis. It might not be as sexy or full-featured as the others on this list, but it’ll get you through the most basic emergencies. Inside, you’ll find a crank-powered flashlight/radio/smartphone charger, food rations, potable water pouches, a face mask, basic toiletries, and, of course, a solid first aid kit.

Ultimate Urban Survival Kit

Ready to Go Survival

best bug out bags the ultimate urban survival kit  ready to go
Ready to go Survival

Ready to Go Survival’s Ultimate Urban Survival Kit is the priciest option on this list. The full-featured pack boasts everything you’ll need to survive the first 72 hours of a downtown disaster — all stuffed into a stealth, 15-pound pack. It’s full of first aid supplies, gear to carry and purify water, food stores, fire-starting equipment, and even the tools to build a proper shelter. It adds several useful bits to aid survival in an urban landscape. The Smith & Wesson Tactical Ops Knife can be used to cut seatbelts and break windows. Plus, the included Ontario SPAX Tool tackles a multitude of tasks as a hatchet, knife, or pickaxe. Both tools can also be used for self-defense purposes to fend off zombies or other post-apocalypse unfriendlies.

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