Skivvies: Upgrade Your Underwear

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There’s a statistic floating around the internet that goes something like this: 9% of men own and continue to wear underwear that is at least ten years old. For some of these men, this may be the longest and most intimate relationship they’ve had in their lives (and for good reason!). On top of that, there’s another statistic stating that 32% of men seem to be fine with wearing the same underwear two or more days in a row.

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Now, we’ll give you a pass on that decade old “lucky pair” that you’ve had since your first high-school grand slam and which you were wearing when you won those Beer Olympics a few years ago, but no one (short of a survival situation), should ever wear the same pair of underwear for more than one day in a row.

And with so many new and exciting undergarment options out there why wouldn’t you want to gift your family jewels a new package palace? From nether-snuggling action underwear to the classic tighty-whitey to silver-infused shield underwear, we’ve got a style and cut to keep everyone covered. So, ditch the decade old drawers, toss out those two-a-dayers, and get ready to seriously upgrade your underwear. We guarantee you’ll find something worth stripping down for.

Here’s our selection of the best underwear for men in 2016.

Superfit Greek, Pair of Thieves $20


Extremely light weight and breathable, these Superfit boxer briefs from Pair of Thieves top our list of best underwear. With a fabric that feels like a super supple basketball jersey, thighs that don’t ride up, and a comfortable support pouch that nestles your nethers, this underwear is an all-around winner. They also come in a variety of attractive patterns. Who says skivvies can’t be stylish?

Cool Cotton Square Cut, Tommy John $29


Tommy John’s Cool Cotton underwear is made from an exclusive propriety fabric that is supremely adept at wicking moisture, keeping you both dryer and cooler than more conventional fabrics. With a streamline cut and 360 degree stretch, these bad boys are excellent for sultry summer days.

Briefs, THE EIGHTH $55


These classic tighty-whities come with a double layered contour front pouch to hold your boys comfortably in place and a barely-there silk-finished waistband. Made from 95% Micro Modal cloth, a silky-smooth alternative to cotton which is also shrink and fade resistant, these briefs by THE EIGHTH could last you ten years, but you should only keep them for two.

Boxer Brief, Naked Shield $48


Worried about wireless signals ruining your sperm count? Naked Shield has your back. These boxer briefs feature Circuitex™ fabric in the crotch, which is guaranteed to block 99.9% of wireless signals from reaching your private parts. So go ahead, use that laptop on your lap and put that phone in your pocket, all the while knowing your little swimmers will stay strong.

Choctaw Ridge Chambray Boxer, Left Field $38


A small majority of men prefer the boxer brief as their preferred choice of underwear. Not far behind, however, is the classic boxer short. This pair, made of extremely soft and extremely breathable cotton chambray, give your guys room to breathe. A single bone-button functions as the closure for the hidden fly, making accessibility quick and easy. The look and feel of the chambray cotton is a throw-back to vintage American underwear that will leave you saying, “Golly!”

A1 Aether Boxer Brief, Beyond Clothing $65


Made from a “high-performance, breathable, moisture-wicking baselayer and built from Polartec’s super lightweight Power Grid fleece,” these boxer briefs are an excellent addition to your gym bag or backpack. As Beyond says, “The next-to-skin grid pattern is made up of air channels that help release excess body heat and perspiration,” making this pair of undies the perfect next-to-skin base layer for hiking, cycling, or any other outdoor activity.

Silver Boxer Briefs, Mack Weldon $34


Like most other underwear on this list, Mack Weldon’s boxer briefs are soft, breathable, and tend to hold their shape over time. So how do these stand out? Silver. Infused in the fabric of the underwear to ward off microbes and to keep your skivvies smelling fresh from day one to day seven. No really, Mack Weldon claims you won’t have to wash this wonder underwear. While we haven’t tried that yet, if you’re going to wear underwear for more than one day in a row without washing, this is the pair to put on.

Actions Series Athletic Underwear, My Pakage $30


No adjustment necessary with the Action Series from My Pakage. Seriously. This underwear is constructed with a physically separate three-dimensional pouch for your junk that they’re calling “Comfort Keyhole Technology.” Once you place your guys inside, they’re secure for the rest of the day, freeing you from those embarrassing readjustment moments. Made from 100% hydrophobic MyDry Fabric, these undies keep you dry, cool, and in-place all day.

Smith Boxer, Richer Poorer $20


Sleek, slim cut, and with a vintage inspired baby-snap fly design, the Smith Boxer from Richer Poorer is almost too beautiful for your butt. But looks can be deceiving; these boxer briefs have anti-microbial, anti-odor technology, as well as a super-soft flex waistband and flat locked seams, making this pair of underwear not only ultra-comfortable, but also ultra-cool.