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This Hard Seltzer Company Wants to Pay You $60,000 to Travel the U.S.

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We can all agree that hard work is for suckers. The dream is finding a proper brand ambassadorship that can sustain your travel dreams indefinitely (or until your stipend runs out). In the last six months alone, we’ve shared a WOW air contest looking to pay you $10,000 to move to Iceland and travel the world this summer, and a Cancun Experience Officer gig doling out $10,000 per month to the right person looking to spread the word about the popular destination. Now, one boozy seltzer brand is getting in on the action.

White Claw Hard Seltzer’s My Best Life Contest will pay two winning ambassadors $60,000 each to travel the United States for six months later this year. Exact details of the ambassadorship are admittedly thin. It appears the company is relying on its future “employees” to dictate the terms of their employment. They’re counting on you to know what would make your personal “best life.” They’re providing the deep pockets, but it’s up to the winners to determine how to realize and share their own six-month best life dream.

White Claw is encouraging applicants to think big. They’re expecting ambassadors to travel at least twice a month to any U.S. destination as long as it inspires them. That could mean picnicking in the backcountry of U.S. national parks, kayaking with alligators in the Florida Everglades, taking up surf lessons in Southern California, or skydiving over the Grand Canyon. Given the brand’s presumably young demographic, we’re assuming ambassadors will also be documenting their journey via social media and related blog posts.

Entering is straightforward. Applicants can simply follow the company on Instagram and post their own photo with the hashtag #MyBestLifeContest. Alternatively, upload a photo to the official contest website with a caption that details how you would live — or are already living — your best life.

Prospective My Best Life ambassadors can apply now through June 3, 2018, via the official White Claw My Best Life contest page. You need only be 25 years old and a legal resident of one of the 50 U.S. states (and love hashtags and fruity carbonated alcohol). Good luck!

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