This Travel Dream Job Wants to Pay You $10,000 Per Month to Live in Cancun

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Photo by anyaberkut

For most travelers, Cancun, Mexico, likely brings to mind massive cruise ports, garish beachfront resorts, and tequila-fueled margarita happy “hours” at Señor Frogs. That image is still mostly accurate, but the good folks at would like you (and every other American) to consider the destination’s brighter, more culturally savvy side. Which is why they’ve launched a new dream job travel contest in search of an official “CEO.”

The CEO Search is seeking a Cancun Experience Officer (CEO … get it?). The contest’s grand prize winner will receive $10,000 per month to live in Cancun. The six-month stint is really a brand ambassadorship to help spread the word about the destination and everything it has to offer. Daily responsibilities will center around sharing local experiences by video and on social media. Cancun is planning for several marketing, charity, and industry events with the winner as the temporary “face” of the destination.

Isla Mujeres Cancun Mexico

Every excursion — including diving with whale sharks, hiking the Mexican jungle, exploring ancient ruins, and relaxing on Cancun’s world-famous white sand beaches — will be comped. The winner will also spend every night in luxury hotel and resort accommodations for the duration of his or her stay.

Thanks to a long series of not-so-flattering news stories, Mexico has received a bad rap among American travelers in recent years. Cancun has remained largely immune, due to its status as tourism hub and the federal government wanting to protect those interests. With the launch of this contest, Cancun is looking to reclaim its title as Mexico’s premier (and safest) vacation destination.

No previous travel industry or ambassadorship experience is required to enter the contest. Applicants must simply be over the age of 18 and English-speaking, plus motivated, sociable, and able to capture engaging social media-friendly stories. They’ll, of course, also need to be free to live in Cancun from March-August, 2018.

The contest is open from now through December 17, 2017. Just visit the official CEO Search contest page and submit a one-minute video outlining why you are’s ideal CEO. Next month, 100 candidates will be selected and tasked with an additional “mission.” The pool will be winnowed down to just 50, then five on January 17, before the final winner is announced at a ceremony in Cancun at the end of January.