Get Paid $10,000 to Move to Iceland and Travel the World This Summer

Iceland is all the rage right now for American travelers. What if someone offered to pay you handsomely to move there for the summer, travel the world, and write about it? That’s precisely what Iceland-based WOW air is planning with the latest Travel Guide competition.

The two winners of the so-called “best summer job ever” will move to Iceland for the summer. The pair can either be two content creators or a single content creator with a best friend in tow. From June 1 through August 15, 2018, they’ll be provided a chic, fully furnished apartment in downtown Reykjavik. This will be their base of operations to explore Iceland in depth through at least four domestic trips with all guided tours, excursions, and in-country transportation provided. Both travelers will also be paid USD $4,000 (about 3,300 euros) each per month.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Beyond Iceland, the airline also flies to 38 destinations throughout North America and Europe. They’re looking to create a comprehensive digital travel guide for as many of them as possible. The two contest winners will choose which other destinations they’d like to fly to, from Los Angeles and New York City to Barcelona and Stockholm. The travel guides will include a mix of blog-style articles, Instagram posts, short videos, GIFs, and any other form of media they choose. They’ll cover a broad range of topics: nightlife, culture, food, nature, transportation, and anything that gives budget travelers a sense of how to explore the city while saving money.

You might say we’re living in a Golden Age for anyone looking to get paid to travel the world. Savvy companies are getting increasingly creative with how they market themselves. In November, Cancun put out the call for a CEO (Cancun Experience Officer) which involved living in and promoting the popular destination for the summer with a monthly “salary” of USD $10,000. Just before that, in March of last year, World of Beer sought Drink It Interns which involved (wait for it …) traveling the world, drinking amazing beer, and telling everyone all about it.

Entrants from around the world can submit their applications through WOW air’s dedicated website from now through May 14, 2018. The only requirement is to upload a video (two-minute maximum) that outlines the best of your hometown. The application deadline is May 14; winners will be announced via social media on May 18, and the trip begins June 1. (And, if you win, you have to take us with you.)

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