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Travel in Style with the Best Prime Day Luggage Deals from Samsonite and Delsey

Prime Day is finally upon us, and Amazon’s annual sales event is arguably the best time of the year for deals aside from Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend (especially if you have a Prime membership). Many of the biggest highlights are deals on electronics like laptops, 4K TVs, and tablets, but Amazon offers discounts on virtually everything for Prime Day, so it’s also a great chance to score some deals on essentials such as clothes and luggage.

Luggage is something that even stylish guys often treat as an afterthought, but if you’re an active jet-setter, then even nice bags will eventually start looking a little shabby. There’s no excuse for not traveling in style: If you’re still dragging around some cheap black nylon thing you’ve had for years, or if you just want a new suitcase, duffel, or shoulder bag at a discount, then these Prime Day deals on Samsonite and Delsey luggage might have what you need. Act fast, though – these offers are only available for the Prime Day sale (through Tuesday, July 16) or until they’re out of stock.

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Samsonite Luggage Deals

Prime Day luggage deals - Samsonite

For no-frills, no-nonsense luggage that’ll protect your stuff while still looking pretty good (if not a bit on the utilitarian side, design-wise), it doesn’t get much more reliable than Samsonite. The primary purpose of luggage is to make your travels a little easier by providing ample room and protection for your clothes and other kit; this decades-old suitcase maker specializes in rugged and practical rollers and carry-ons, a number of which are on sale for Prime Day at discounts of up to 72% off:

  • Samsonite Winfield hardside luggage set This three-piece set of hardside spinner suitcases includes a large 28-inch suitcase and a mid-sized 24-inch roller for your checked luggage, as well as a smaller 20-inch case that’s perfect for shorter trips and for carry-on duty. The Windfield set is on sale for 34% off through the end of Prime Day and is easily the best value of the bunch.
  • Samsonite Centric expandable hardside luggage set This rugged polycarbonate-sided luggage set, which comes with two of Samsonite’s most durable suitcases – one 24-inch and a carry-on-sized 20-inch – features a unique twill finish that is more resistant to scuffs and scratches than smooth surfaces. Grab the Centric hardside suitcases at $690.
  • Samsonite Omni PC expandable hardside luggage set The awesome-looking Omni PC suitcases are almost like something you’d see in a sci-fi movie and they boast modern material technology to match, ensuring that your stuff is safe from inevitable bumps and scrapes. The two-piece seat (with a 24-inch suitcase and a 20-inch carry-on) is expandable, too, and it’s knocked down to 25%.

Delsey Paris Luggage Deals

Prime Day luggage deals - Delsey

If Samsonite luggage embodies a “form follows function” design philosophy, then Delsey Paris belongs more to the school of thought that says these two things aren’t mutually exclusive. Delsey’s Chatelet suitcases look great, but they’re plenty rugged as well, thanks to modern materials that stand up to the rigors of travel. These are a little more expensive than Samsonite products, and that’s just all the more reason to take advantage of these Prime Day discounts while you can – style is worth paying a little extra for, anyway.

  • Delsey Chatelet Hard+ hardside suitcases The Delsey Chatelet Hard+ luggage is a stylish take on the classic rollers. Even the spacious red-lined material is visually striking, but these bags are every bit as practical as you’d expect from a modern suitcase. The Chatelet Hard+ luggage is on sale in 28-inch (19% off), 24-inch (22% off), and carry-on sizes through Prime day.
  • Delsey Chatelet Soft Air shoulder bag The Delsey Chatelet Soft Air shoulder bag would make for a great companion to one of the Hard+ suitcases (it’s even designed to attach to and ride on the extendable handles of your roller bag), although its purse-like design leans toward the feminine side. This attractive carry-on is on sale in champagne for 35% off and in chocolate brown for $48 off.
  • Delsey Chatelet Soft Air 2-wheel under-seater The Soft Air under-seater combines the look and feel of a soft-sided bag with the convenience of an extendable carrying handle and two wheels for easy transport, and its small size makes for the perfect carry-on as it can tuck right in underneath a seat or in an overhead bin. Normally $200, the Soft Air under-seater is discounted by 33% for Prime Day.
  • Delsey Chatelet Soft Air weekender duffel A good weekend bag is a must-have, as it can do double-duty as a standalone suitcase for short trips (hence its name) and as your go-to carry-on for longer ones. The Chatelet Soft Air Weekender ticks all the boxes, featuring a lovely design with a roomy single-compartment interior at an airline-friendly 21-inch length. These Prime Day luggage deals knock 32% off this duffel’s normal $180 price tag.

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