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Save up to 50% on American Tourister and Samsonite Luggage Today

Prime Day has finally arrived and it has brought tons of deals on home goods, tech products, necessities, and even luggage. American Tourister and Samsonite have discounted some of their must-have luggage up to 50% off. If you’ve been waiting to stock up on luggage for when travel restrictions ease, this deal is for you. Start shopping these Prime Day luggage deals now and get ready to embark on your next journey — wherever life takes you.

Samsonite Underseat Carry-On — $60, was $80

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This compact under-seat carry-on can easily slide under most conventional airline seats for a hassle-free travel experience. There’s even a built-in USB port so you can charge all your electronics on-the-go. It even has a comfortable, ergonomic push handle so you’ll be able to roll your carry-on around and stow it away with ease. Choose between three different colors and make traveling a check-in free experience. Get the Samsonite Underseat Carry-On now for only $60.

American Tourister Belle Voyage (2-Piece Set) $115, was $200

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This two-piece set comes with a 21-inch carry-on and a 25-inch check-in suitcase. Featuring bold gold accents and multi-directional spinner wheels, this luggage will both be stylish and easy to carry. Both cases also feature a 1.5-inch expansion capacity so now you can carry that one extra suit you weren’t sure you needed. The zippers and push-button locking handle are pretty sturdy too, able to withstand the usual travel wear and tear. Get the Two-Piece American Tourister Belle Voyage now for $115.

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Luggage (2-Piece Set) — $125, was $240

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Get a 20-inch carry-on and a 25-inch check-in bag for all your long-haul trips with this set. The polyester construction keeps your bags feeling lightweight as provides increased durability. The multi-directional spinner wheels also allow for easy mobility so you can run and catch your flight even during the last boarding call. This luggage is also expandable so you’ll be able to stuff all the clothes you want when you leave for your next work trip. Buy the Samsonite Aspire Xlite luggage now for only $125.

American Tourister Moonlight Hardside Luggage (3-Piece Set) $140, was $250

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This set includes a 20-inch carry-on, a 24-inch suitcase, and a 28-inch suitcase. The hard side case keeps your bag protected and also features expansion capabilities for additional travel goods. The push-button lock handle also stows away effortlessly whenever your suitcase is not in use. The inside of the bag is well-divided too with mesh dividers and cross straps to keep your iron-pressed suits protected. Get the American Tourister Moonlugh Luggage set now at the reduced price of $140.

Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Hardside Luggage (2-Piece Set) $155, was $300

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You’ll get a 20-inch carry-on and a 25-inch spinner suitcase in this luggage deal. The oversized, agile spinner wheels swivel in every direction and make mobility easier. You’ll also have peace of mind when traveling with the added side-mounted TSA locks that will protect your luggage from theft. The aluminum pull handle is also easy to use and stows away neatly when you’re not using it. There’s also up to 1.5-inch expansion capability for any extra goods you need to carry. Buy the Samsonite Winfield Luggage set now for $155 — usually $300.

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To ensure a comprehensive representation of pricing trends, both peak and non-peak departure dates were considered. The costs were then averaged to determine one-way ticket prices for both economy and first-class seating. It's important to note that the study excluded U.S. airlines that do not offer first-class or lacked sufficient data on the analyzed routes.
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United Airlines first class
United First Class offers a more budget-friendly option for travelers looking to experience first-class comfort without breaking the bank. With a price difference of approximately $250.23 between economy and first class, United Airlines provides an enticing opportunity to enjoy an elevated flying experience.
American Airlines first class: The Most Affordable Deal
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Average Premium for first class
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