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First New Hotel Inside Grand Canyon Park in 50 Years Opens

Footsteps From the Park’s South Rim, Booking Available Now

As national parks set records for visitors in 2021, 2022 is trending to be a big year as well. Visitors to Grand Canyon National Park who don’t want to wait in traffic now have an option to stay at luxury digs inside the park.

For the first time in 50 years, travelers headed to the Grand Canyon have a new option for in-park accommodations. After its $35 million reconstruction by Xanterra Travel Collection, Maswik South Lodge is the first new Grand Canyon lodging inside the park in over 50 years. Constructed just footsteps away from the Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim, booking is available now for stays that encompass the best of outdoor adventure and indoor luxury, all while aligning to sustainable goals.

A room at Xanterra's new Maswick Lodge South in Grand Canyon National Park
Maswik Lodge South © Xanterra Travel Collection

“Maswik South aims to prepare Grand Canyon National Park for the next 100 years,” Xanterra Travel Collection general manager Marc Ducharme said in a press release. “As stewards of the parks, Xanterra is proud to offer modernized lodging that will serve millions of visitors across its lifetime and enhance the national park experience.”

Constructed in 1971, the lodge’s original 90 rooms have been updated to include 120 new units across four structures in the same general location. Rooms now feature private balconies with elevators and interior hallway entrances added to buildings.

The 4.5-acre property features two types of accommodation: 90 standard rooms and 30 kitchenettes. Guests are close to several food and transit options, including the Maswik Food Court, Pizza Pub, the transportation and activities desk, and the (Blue) Village Loop park shuttle line. And it’s only about a 10-minute walk from the park’s South Rim and the Hermit’s Rest/Village Loop shuttle bus station.

The new hotel incorporates parts of the initial Grand Canyon lodge, constructed in 1927 by the Fred Harvey Company and the Santa Fe Railroad. Architects preserved the original stone pillars from the historic buildings while updating interiors with modern furnishings and designs reflecting the region’s natural colors — rusty red, sage green, tan, and ocher. Textiles inspired by Southwest Native American artwork decorate Maswik rooms while artwork showcases local fossil studies (after which each building is named), and displays a historic map of the Grand Canyon area.

Design elements also reflect Xanterra Travel Collection’s national park stewardship mission and a long-standing commitment to conservation and sustainability. Construction aligns to LEED Gold standards via extensive use of sustainable building materials, high-efficiency lighting, outdoor solar lighting, streamlined mechanical and plumbing systems, planned use of reclaimed water, low water landscaping, and Dark Sky-compliant lighting that ensures lodges don’t interfere with views of the stunning desert night sky. These amenities extend to clients with electric vehicle charging and water bottle filling stations.

Reservations for the Maswik South Lodge are open now.

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