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Brilliant travel hack could save you a ton when booking international flights

A few clicks could save you a ton on travel

Man waiting for flight at airport.
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We all want to make everyone else jealous with our photos from our exotic overseas vacation. But when it comes down to actually booking the trip, we go into panic mode over the amount of money we’re going to spend. From the flights to the hotel to local transportation to sightseeing tours, all we see are dollar signs flying away, and for some, that’s enough to turn things into a staycation. Traveling internationally doesn’t have to be so expensive, and this one hack could save you a ton of money on your flight (and possibly other areas of your vacation abroad). 

An airport flight board.

The travel tip is so simple

It’s an easy two-part setup to get this money-saver for international flights

  • Change the browser language from English to the local language of wherever you are going.
  • Change the currency from the American dollar to what the local money is.

The flight is the most expensive part of any international vacation coming from the U.S. and can easily be a determining factor in where (or if) you travel. But getting a plane ticket within your price range could only take a few clicks. 

All you need to do is change the settings on your browser to the language of the country you are going to. Don’t forget to switch the currency over to the local one.

This works if you need a flight within the country you are visiting or going from one country to another.

Pro tip for the rest of your trip

No matter where you are going, book everything you do through local sites. Book tours, sightseeing day trips, visits to museums, and everything else through local sites. Local will give you a better rate, and you’ll support their economy directly.

We have to thank technology for this travel hack because, without the translator extension on your browser, most people wouldn’t be able to do it this way.

You can thank the Reddit rabbit hole for this hack

Reddit can be a place for questionable information or the most useful tips you’ve ever received, and this one falls into the latter category. On a recent thread asking other users to share their best travel tips, this piece of advice made the top comment. Folks on the thread were also quick to point out that travelers shouldn’t forget about booking things like transportation and daily activities through local sites.

The savings will range and won’t always feel like a lottery win

Now, we aren’t saying that everyone who tries the trick will get their international flight down from $1,000 to $100 with this one travel tip. Sometimes, the savings wouldn’t even buy you a cup of coffee. But top commenter Huge-Recognition-366 stated they saved $700 on a flight just by switching over the airline language to that of the destination country.

We’ll try anything to get out of the country and experience other cultures since that is sort of why we are all here, right? But to make sure our bank account doesn’t tell us that somewhere to experience is our desk at work, keeping the flight cost down as much as possible is key, and it couldn’t be easier than this travel tip.

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