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The largest F1 Arcade ever is coming to the Las Vegas Strip

What you need to know about the latest F1 Arcade in Las Vegas

F1 Arcade sim racing Las Vegas 2025
F1 Arcade

As I watched footage of the recent Monaco Grand Prix, I let myself dream. Seeing in-car feeds of the world’s finest drivers and machines negotiate the city streets, I wondered — what would it be like in the driver’s seat? Sitting in a carbon monocoque chassis, a space-age hybrid powertrain behind me, the stunning levels of acceleration and grip would be more like flying an F-15 than driving a car. Add in the glitz and glamour of F1’s most notable venue, and it would be a party for the senses.

I imagine many Formula 1 fans share in my fantasy. But becoming an F1 driver is a lifetime pursuit, with few making the grade — only 11 teams and 22 drivers compete for the trophy week after week. Today, the competition’s so tight that less than a second often separates the top ten in qualifying. It’s a thrilling spectacle.

But Formula 1 has an answer for fans like myself, who yearn to be behind the wheel. The F1 Arcade lets you experience what it’s like to drive the streets of Monaco (and other circuits) with leading-edge simulators that capture every detail. That’s not all. Set in a modern bar/restaurant, the arcade also lets you drink and dine with friends or take in a race as it unfolds.

Now, Formula 1 is set to introduce its latest F1 Arcade in Las Vegas, in addition to current offerings in Boston, Washington, D.C., and the UK. It’s going to be the biggest yet and offer stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip. Here are the details. 

The F1 Arcade puts you in the driver’s seat

Sim racing at the F1 Arcade
F1 Arcade

While not everyone can drive a Formula 1 racecar, they can experience the next best thing — a simulator. Today’s simulators are high-tech marvels used by F1 drivers to prepare for upcoming tracks and test new designs. On the F1 Arcade’s simulators, you can know what it’s like to pin the throttle on Eau Rouge or roar through the tunnel at Monaco, while racing friends and socializing. The Las Vegas location should be the best yet.

In 2025, Formula 1 will introduce the F1 Arcade in Las Vegas at The Forum Shops at Caeser’s Palace. Spanning 21,000 square feet over two floors, it’ll be the largest F1 Arcade to date and offer terrace views of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s an atmosphere that’ll combine social and racing excitement — the perfect complement to the pinnacle of motorsport.

The full-motion simulators might not be actual racecars — but they feel like it. Sit back in the sculpted seat, grab the rectangular steering wheel, and get ready for takeoff. Race modes include head-to-head, team, and soon, challenger. 

Head-to-head is for small groups or solo drivers to challenge each other one on one and takes place over three races. Team racing is for groups of six or more, with participants spread among simulators and divided into teams. Each driver completes at least four races, and the team with the most points wins. Soon, the challenger mode will offer graded racing, where you can compete against similar skill levels and take home the win.

Besides the racing action, F1 Arcade has fine food and spirits, letting you unwind in an ambient setting. We’d go for the mini lobster rolls paired with a Samuel Adams Boston Lager on draft. 

If you follow the series week in and week out, drop by for a watch party, where big screens show all the action, and you’ll hear live expert commentary. Wear your team colors, take part in some friendly rivalry, and enjoy camaraderie with other Formula 1 enthusiasts. 

F1 Arcade: adrenaline with friends

Bar at F1 Arcade
F1 Arcade

When the F1 Arcade in Las Vegas opens, you’ll have the perfect place to share Formula 1 excitement. Play and dine in an upscale setting, and when the race comes to town, go for your best lap time or take in the views from the terrace. Then, feel the tension build before the lights go out and the cars leap off the line. It’s the perfect playground for racing fans.

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, but only some can be in the car or at the circuit. The F1 Arcade immerses you in the experience, letting you play racing driver while enjoying good times and camaraderie. The Las Vegas location will be the best version yet, with an expansive floor plan and amazing views. So, better book those tickets and reserve your room — the checkered flag awaits.

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