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Burstner Harmony 3 Is One of the Sexiest Camper Concepts We’ve Ever Seen

Burstner Harmony 3

Some campers prefer to rough it in the most legitimate way possible: in a pared-down teardrop trailer or even a rooftop car tent, for example. However, more and more of us define “roughing it” a bit more loosely. If you fall into the latter camp — if you can’t leave your portable espresso maker, wet bar, and USB ports at home or wouldn’t camp in anything short of the finest Airstream — the Burstner Harmony 3 is the camper for you.

This newly debuted concept from upscale German manufacturer Burstner is unlike any RV we’ve seen. The minimalist exterior with a wide front window hints and subtly curved lines hints at the Harmony 3’s true nature, but it’s only upon stepping inside that you realize this is unlike any other travel trailer you’ve ever camped in. The design feels perfectly plucked from a Manhattan studio apartment. Just inside the entryway, glass pendant lamps, a window box herb garden, and a legit wine fridge immediately set the model apart. The adjacent kitchen even boasts an induction cooktop and a cafe-style espresso maker.

Stepping farther inside, passengers are surrounded by faux marble and stone walls, chic, undercabinet lighting, and panoramic windows. The spacious living area features a luxuriously upholstered couch and something we’ve never seen in any travel trailer: a coffee table. When it’s time to tuck in for the night, a queen-sized bed drops from the ceiling via a clever pulley system. Once in place, the mattress appears to float neatly above the living room floor. It’s not only beautiful but also a clever use of such a compact space.

By combining the living and sleeping spaces in such a way, Burstner has also allowed for a more spacious bathroom. While it’s often the first space on which most manufacturers compromise, the Harmony 3’s WC features mood lighting, a wide sink, and a full-sized wet bath with a rainfall shower.

For now, the Burstner Harmony 3 is only a concept, and the likelihood that it’ll ever see a dealership showroom is questionable. The camper’s best features, like the “floating” drop-down bed and hanging pendant lamps, would require some seriously clever engineering to realize in a production model. That being said, the manufacturer has long proven to be at the cutting edge of luxury RVs, evident in its existing Harmony Line. So, if any company has the chops to do it, Burstner can.

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