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Upgraded seats, renovated airport lounges, and more: 4 British Airways changes you’ll love

Will these new updates help the airline?

British Airways
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British Airways took center stage at a media event in London on Monday, March 4, to unveil a series of groundbreaking enhancements set to redefine the passenger journey in the upcoming year. Business Insider reports that these transformative changes are not merely incremental adjustments but rather represent a giant leap forward, and the airline will put $9 billion toward the initiative. From cutting-edge technology to unparalleled comfort, these are the improvements that British Airways is promising to make. 

1. New app and in-flight perks

British Airways has revealed that they are working on a new app and website. Currently undergoing beta testing, these platforms promise to offer a level of customization and ease for passengers looking to change their travel plans. Gone are the days of lengthy phone calls to customer service; with the new app, passengers will have the power to make changes at their fingertips, effortlessly adapting their travel plans to fit their needs.

Additionally, starting April 3, Executive Club members will enjoy an added perk as they will be able to send messages for free using the onboard WiFi, regardless of their class of travel.

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2. Improved lounges

Also at the event, the airline announced plans for a comprehensive refurbishment of all its Heathrow lounges over the next five years. While the specifics regarding the timeline remain fluid, anticipation mounts as the first lounge refurbishment is scheduled to start at the end of 2024. However, progress is well underway already, with meticulous planning, detailed design, and construction plans currently in motion.

3. First class on the Airbus A380

Recently, British Airways’ new first-class cabins have been retrofitted on its Boeing 777 jets. This cutting-edge design is now set to grace the decks of the iconic superjumbo A380. Scheduled for debut at the end of 2025, passengers can anticipate the same comfort and sophistication that has become synonymous with British Airways’ current first-class offerings.

British Airways is currently the only European airline offering first-class seating options for trips between the UK and US. For the current winter season, the A380 is available for trips to Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco.

4. New seats for short-haul flights

The airline is striving to redefine the short-haul travel experience with the rollout of its new seat design on its Airbus A320neo and A321neo jets. Implementation starts in May. These sleek and modern seats feature foldable headrests and conveniently located USB-A and USB-C ports. The new navy-colored seats also come with 31 inches of legroom (compared to the standard 29 inches).

British Airways
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The future of British Airways

After being ranked as the 4th-most unreliable airline, British Airways is in need of a few major renovations. With BA expected to implement these changes, the future of the airline appears brighter and more promising than ever before.

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