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Here’s the super weird reason why the Bellagio fountain was shut down this week

What prompted the fountains to stop?

santouki / Pixabay

The stunning spectacle of the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas came to an unexpected halt on Tuesday, all thanks to an uninvited guest: the majestic Yellow-billed Loon. This rare bird is normally found only in remote northern waters, so its arrival on the Las Vegas Strip was a complete surprise, prompting the temporary stopping of the iconic water displays and live shows. 

Yellow billed loon
Carrie Olson / Shutterstock

What is a Yellow-billed Loon?

In a social media post from the Bellagio Las Vegas, it was stated that the Yellow-billed Loon is one of the 10 rarest birds in the United States. The adventurous bird was far away from home, as it is primarily found in the Arctic regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. As its name suggests, the Yellow-billed Loon is characterized by its striking yellow bill, which is a stark contrast to its black and white feathers. The bird is known for its ability to dive deep underwater in search of fish.

We are happy to welcome the most exclusive guests.

The Fountains of Bellagio are paused as we work with state wildlife officials to rescue a Yellow-billed Loon, one of the 10 rarest birds in the U.S., that has found comfort on Las Vegas' own Lake Bellagio.

— Bellagio Las Vegas (@Bellagio) March 5, 2024

According to The National Park Service, the Yellow-billed Loon is classified as an international species of concern and is suspected to be undergoing a moderately rapid population decline.

Why did the bird stop in Las Vegas?

So why did this rare bird decide to take a swim in the Bellagio fountain? According to department spokesperson Doug Nielsen in a statement to the Associated Press, the bird likely sought shelter from a storm as it was migrating north, which is not all that uncommon in The Valley. Nielsen explained that birds can sometimes get off course during their annual migration due to poor weather conditions or heavy winds.

“They normally nest around the Arctic Circle and winter in Canada, the U.S., Norway, or Siberia,” Kurt Buzard, a veteran bird spotter, told the AP. I think it’s lost and probably disoriented.”

Buzzard was worried for the bird as the man-made lake at the Bellagio does not have fish. So, if the bird had stopped to feed, it would be too hungry to continue its migratory path.

Bellagio fountain
Michelle_Raponi / Pixabay

The Bellagio fountain is now back up and running

All of the fountain shows were paused as security officials worked to figure out the best course of action. At first, they hoped that the bird would depart on its own, but the uninvited guest didn’t show any signs of leaving (we can’t blame him). On Wednesday, officials decided to capture the bird and relocate it to “a more suitable and remote location where it has space, food, and quiet surroundings.” 

“According to the biologist who oversaw the capture, the bird had no apparent injuries and appeared to be in good health,” the state wildlife department official said.

The department expects the bird to continue its migratory trek north. By late afternoon, the Bellagio fountain was turned back on, and all shows resumed as normal.

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