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Check out American Airlines’ new suite seats (and other upgraded amenities)

Travel in comfort with these upgraded American Airlines seats

American Airlines 787 landing
American Airlines 787 American Airlines

Airplanes let you travel the globe in speed and comfort. In a matter of hours, you can cover thousands of miles, crossing the U.S. or landing in a new country. All the while, you’re perched high above, taking in the views and anticipating a new experience.

When it comes time to buy a ticket, you’ll have to choose between economy, business, and first class. Is there that much of a difference? Sure, business and first class can bring perks like improved food and service and more spacious seating. But except for some international flights — with showers and personalized cabins — airplane seating classes seem largely the same.

That’s set to change with American Airlines’ new Flagship Suite Preferred seat. Offering a new take on the air travel experience, it lets you work, relax, or sleep, along with other bespoke amenities. Here are the details.

American Airlines Flagship Suite Preferred seat: what you need to know

Flagship Suite on American Airlines plane
American Airlines Flagship Suite Preferred Seat American Airlines / American Airlines

Typically, when you board a plane, the seats look mostly the same. Sure, first-class passengers get to ride up front and enjoy big, leather seats. It’s still reminiscent of riding a bus, with everyone filling the seats down a long aisle. But the new American Airlines Flagship Suite Preferred seat brings something new — your own private suite while you’re 30,000 feet up. 

In the first row of the carrier’s new Boeing 787-9 and retrofitted 777-300 aircraft, the Flagship Suite Preferred seat offers abundant space, convenient storage, and tailored amenities. The layout is reminiscent of a miniature office, with a desk, shelving, and sculpted seating. Additionally, privacy doors let you block out the noise and focus on the task at hand.

When it’s time to rest, a Nest Bedding mattress pad and memory foam lumbar pillow offer cushion and support. Warm up while you wear Nest Bedding pajamas or relax under a throw blanket. Treat yourself with an exclusive kit that includes skincare products from Relevant and Thirteen Lune by Joanne Vargas. 

American Airlines didn’t stop there. Premium Economy customers enjoy upgrades like privacy headrest wings, wireless charging, and enhanced storage. Those in the Main Cabin get USB-A/USB-C charging ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and 4K seatback screens. All passengers can watch up to 1,500 free entertainment options, and have access to high-speed WiFi.

American Airlines just upgraded air travel for everyone

Flagship Suite Preferred Seats on American Airlines
American Airlines Flagship Suite Preferred Seat American Airlines

Though airplanes offer indispensable speed and convenience, seating and amenities, have been stagnant for a while. American Airlines’ new Flagship Suite Preferred seat brings fresh innovation to air travel, and additional improvements let everyone enjoy a more comfortable trip. Ready to roam the world from your own personal suite? Visit the American Airlines website, book a flight on a 787-9 or 777-300, and get ready for a ride like never before.

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