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The Amalfi Coast (and 3 other luxe locales) will soon be easier to travel to

Getting to your favorite travel spots is about to get easier

Buildings along cliffs on Amalfi Coast
Tom Podmore via Unsplash

Traveling far and wide opens your world to unique people, places, and experiences. Whether the villages of the Swiss Alps or the beaches of Jamaica, special locales enrich your mind and nourish your soul. To reach truly rare destinations, a flight to a tiny airport or a long bus ride is the norm, putting additional strain on an already long trip. But that’s about to change in several luxe spots.

Across the globe, new airports at hard-to-reach places will ease the journey, letting you make the trip of your dreams without the hassle. From Italy’s Amalfi Coast to Dominica’s natural wonders, these modern facilities pave the way for a seamless trip. Let’s dive in.

Why modern airports make travel better

Airplane flying through the sky
Kevin Woblick via Unsplash / Unsplash

On one hand, taking a small plane to an antiquated airport is an adventure. After all, travel is about exploring and experiencing; an interesting flight could be part of the adventure. But older airports can also pose safety risks and might increase travel time. That’s why the new facilities in this article are so significant.

Remote airports can be a challenge for pilots. Risks like surrounding mountains, small landing strips, and obsolete radar/guidance systems make each flight a daring feat rather than a routine trip. 

Additionally, older facilities lack the panache and convenience to ease your travels. That could prove time-consuming and test your endurance rather than get you on your way. That’s why new airports are such a welcome change.

These new airports will make your dream trip easier than ever

Airport seating in Netherlands
Paul Mocan via Unsplash

The Amalfi Coast of Italy is a sight to behold. Historic buildings set amongst towering mountains overlook the Mediterranean Sea. Thirty-four miles of coastline contain 13 towns, letting travelers soak up Italian culture and charm. But the region doesn’t have its own airport, making travel more work than play. That’s set to change in 2026. 

Beyond that, several dream destinations will follow suit, with new airports that grease the wheels during globe-trotting travels. Here are the details.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Panoramic photo of Positano Italy
Sander Crombach via Unsplash

Offering a dream-like setting over the Mediterranean Sea, with historic buildings set amongst cliffs, and rich cultural heritage, the Amalfi Coast offers stunning views and eclectic experiences. In the past, travelers had to fly into Naples — 37 miles away — before completing the final leg. But this summer, getting there becomes even easier, with a new airport set to open July 11. Spanish airline Volotea will initially offer flights from Cagliri, Sardinia, and Nantes, France. Then, in the summer of 2026, with all renovations complete, the airport will add additional routes and carriers.

Tulum, Mexico

Ocean along Tulum coast

Set along Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Tulum offers everything for a picturesque coastal getaway. Besides well-appointed hotels and traditional Mexican cuisine, travelers can enjoy warm water, lush jungles, and archaeological sites. It’s a destination as comfortable as it is interesting, with something new to explore every day. 

In December 2023, Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport opened, making a trip to Tulum a breeze. Starting on March 28, 2024, the new airport added international airlines, with a gradual rollout of additional carriers like Delta, JetBlue, American, and United.


Waterfalls on Dominica Island
iSAW Company via Unsplash

When you want to get closer to nature, Dominica — the “Nature Island” — offers a pure experience. The Caribbean Island features unspoiled landscapes and sparse development for a serene, refreshing excursion. Volcanoes and black sand beaches look out of a movie, and the vibrant Creole culture shines through in local art, food, and music.

Dominica’s current regional airport has only three gates. But in late 2023, construction began on a new facility, with an opening in 2026. The hub will allow direct travel to the pristine island and serve over 20 carriers from North America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Western Sydney, Australia 

Photo of Blue Mountains in Australia
Taisia Karaseva via Unsplash

Sydney, Australia, and its outskirts are home to landscapes and attractions like the Blue Mountains National Park, the Sydney Opera House, and unique wildlife (like koalas and kangaroos). But in the past, travelers had to fly into eastern Sydney, putting them a solid distance from inland adventures. 

In 2026, the Western Sydney Airport (also called the Nancy-Bird Walton Airport) will change that. Located closer to the city’s western border, the facility will be an ideal conduit to the country’s natural wonders. Additionally, since it can handle 10 million travelers per year, it’ll reduce crowding at Sydney’s current airport.

Time to start planning an epic getaway

Airplane wing in the clouds
Ross Parmly via Unsplash / Unsplash

Remote destinations offer something new around every corner. Whether the Amalfi Coast’s unique history and aquamarine waters or Dominica’s untouched wilderness and Creole culture, special locales bring next-level experiences. Now, with new airports smoothing out the trip, getting there is as easy as taking a domestic flight. Time to plan your dream trip.

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