10 Holiday Gifts for the Wild Outdoorswoman in Your Life

Holiday Gifts for the Wild Outdoorswoman
Here at The Manual, we love to talk about whiskey, boxers, and suits, but that doesn’t mean we forget about the women behind the men. The ones you’re likely shopping for this holiday season. And if you’re browsing Amazon and Main Street alike for the perfect present to gift the outdoorswoman who hikes, bikes, and explores the world by your side, don’t stress. We’re here to help.

Whether it’s a girlfriend, fiancé, wife, mother, heck even grandmother that enjoys the outdoors, we scoured piles of flannels and stacks of gear to find the best female adventurer gifts she wants to unwrap under the tree. And better yet, the majority of the gifts will make her smile whether she’s an advanced hiker, recreational camper, or ‘I-wear-boots-for-fashion’ kinda gal.

Ranging from over a grand to seven bucks, we’re positive you’ll find the perfect gift.Bonus: You’ll probably want to play with some of these too.

Forsake Duck Boots – $140

Forsake Duck Boots outdoorswoman

When in doubt, buy shoes. ‘But she has enough.’ No, no she doesn’t. Looking good makes us feel better on the trail, hence, the ultra-versatile Forsake Women’s Duck. All-season protection without the all-rubber exterior means a modern spin on heritage outdoors design, adding premium waterproof leather and suede in a perfect blend between rugged and trendy. So voyage into riverbeds and over ice. Your girl’s feet will remain toasty and dry.

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Track 1 E-Board – $2,800

Track 1 E-Board

Costing a tad more than a pair of shoes, this sneaky gift is so worth it because you’ll use it to play also. Launched on Indiegogo by the Seattle-based Flux Design Co., Track 1 allows you to “surf the earth” over snow, dirt, sand, and streets in a four-wheeler (ATV wheels) meets Razor scooter. With a top speed of 20mph, Track 1 transition from a hands-free electric board to a mini utility vehicle for unconventional outdoor play. Plus, it’s lightweight so it won’t bog down your travel bag. Note: Boards slated to ship in Nov. 2018.

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Pladra Women’s Peregrine Flannel – $119

Pladra Women’s Peregrine Flannel

Maybe you’re reading this article not because your S.O. is an outdoorswoman, but because you’re looking for a gift that persuades her to join you in the outdoors. Well, start with a flannel. Not a cheapo one, but a sturdy, warm, real-outdoorswoman flannel like the shirts from Pladra. This 100% cotton, mid-weight flannel won’t itch and can be versatile for spring and fall. Plus, the pockets, placket, collar, and back yoke were cut based on contemporary styling, so she’ll look fine as wine. Remember, it’s easier to be an outdoorswoman when you have the armor to play the part.

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Truly Spiked & Sparkling – $10-$11 per six-pack

Truly Spiked and Sparkling
Truly Spiked & Sparkling/Facebook

Don’t forget stocking stuffers… and better make them spiked. We love the refreshing buzz of Truly, a gluten free spiked sparkling water that actually contains 0 percent liquor or spirit. Truly gets its alcoholic kick from fermented cane sugar and a hint of fruit. With no artificial sweeteners or flavors and 100 calories a can, it’s the perfect celebratory toast-maker for a summit … that won’t make coming down treacherous. Choose from Lemon and Yuzu, Colima Lime, Grapefruit and Pomelo, and Sicilian Blood Orange — each being crisp with a dash of sweetness.

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Biolite Holiday Bundle – $250

biolite holiday bundle

Let there be light! BioLite, pure geniuses in outdoor camping stove and energy products, created a holiday bundle that includes both the stove and the coffee she’ll want to drink on the trail. So instead of one gift, you get points for five, including: Biolite’s famed wood-burning, electricity-producing CampStove 2 and the KettlePot and CoffeePress attachments. Plus, two 12-ounce insulated camp cups from MiiR and a four-pack of Kuju x BioLite Pocket Portions ground coffee, designed for a perfect brew on the KettlePot. Secret tip: coffee makes every woman happy.

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Aether Arrow Motorcycle Jacket – $995

Aether Arrow Motorcycle Jacket

Getting outdoors doesn’t always mean being in the backcountry. It can mean hopping a plane to Tokyo or taking a cruise along winding countryside roads (followed by a stiff whiskey). If that’s the woman your gifting for, 100% get Aether’s Arrow Motorcycle Jacket. The badass look is built off an ergonomic fit constructed with extremely soft Napa cowhide with quilted detailing. A drop-tail hem offers the perfect amount of coverage, while stretch panels at the sides allow for a customized fit and ease of movement during a long ride. Aether also teamed with D3O, a leader in shock-absorbing body armor, adding removable, CE-certified D3O armor at the shoulder, back, and elbows.

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Outessa Tickets – $799

REI’s three-day retreat planned specifically for women who either love the outdoors or want to start exploring them is the life-size Barbie doll of adult presents. Write a card to your outdoorswoman with a note saying you signed her up for the 2018 adventure (SUP, mountain runs, hiking, rock climbing, the list goes on). After a successful first-year in 2017, where three retreats were offered from July – September 2018 promises to have added events, more outdoor brands doing workshops and giving away swag, and jaw-dropping locations. A ticket includes REI’s professional guides, use of on-site gear, chef-prepared meals, wine and beer, evening entertainment, inspirational speakers, and a goodie bag. She’ll get to hand-pick her itinerary of activities once the 2018 list is posted.

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Patagonia Retro Pile Hoody – $149

Patagonia Retro Pile Hoody

Fair Trade Certified and warm as hell, every outdoorswoman needs (and will be grateful for) a Patagonia fleece. Heritage yet modern, we love the full-zip, tall collar, flattering paneled seams, and comfortable curved back yoke. Again, a Patagonia fleece needs little explanation. If you’ve ever worn one, you know how essential it is. She’ll own and wear this baby for years. Our favorite color? The off-white Pelican.

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TreePod – $199


A mini bungalow she can take camping, to the beach, or even the backyard will score major points for the woman who not only likes being outdoors, but relaxing in them. This Indiegogo project, TreePod, satisfies the need to kick up your feet (above ground) and simply hang. With only one hanging point and diameters of either four, five, or six, TreePod elevates the hammock experience in a luxurious yet hassle-free way. It’s a great nest to snuggle up in and watch the sunset mountain-side.

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The Solace of Open Spaces$7-$12

The Solace of Open Spaces

A small book that packs an expanse of poetic rumination on the power of the outdoors and its impact on the people who choose to live within it. This book by Gretel Ehrlich comprises a stunning collection of personal observations and lyrical prose from a woman who ditched the big city to become a rancher in Montana. The most impactful book on the outdoors we’ve ever read… and a best-kept secret your woman will treasure, underline, dog-ear, and quote. Who knew you were so deep? Tip: your gift doesn’t have to be sparkling new and expensive so long as it’s heartfelt.

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