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14 Best Holiday Gifts for the Wild Outdoorswoman in Your Life

Holiday Gifts for the Wild Outdoorswoman
Here at The Manual, we love to talk about the finest whiskeys, boxers, and suits, but that doesn’t mean we forget about the amazing women beside the men. The ones you’re most likely shopping for the holidays. If you’re browsing different online shops for the perfect gift for the adventurous woman in your life who hikes, bikes, and explores the world by your side, don’t sweat it. We’re here to help you out.

Whether the present is for a girlfriend, fiancé, wife, mother, or even grandmother that enjoys the outdoors, we scoured the internet to find the best female adventurer gifts she wants to unwrap under the tree. And better yet, these gifts will make her excited whether she’s an advanced hiker, recreational camper, or ‘I-wear-boots-for-fashion’ kind of girl. From high-quality snowboard goggles to a GoPro, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift for her right here.

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SHRED Ski and Snowboard Goggles

If she loves snow sports, the best thing you can give her are these Simplify+ goggles by SHRED. These high-performing goggles designed for skiing and snowboarding help defeat flat light. They can give her a wider vision for more fun and action in the snow. These goggles have NODISTORTION technology that helps give better image definition and contrast. These skiing goggles are also compatible with prescription glasses.

Forsake Duck Boots

Forsake Duck Boots outdoorswoman

When in doubt, buy shoes. ‘But she has enough.’ No, no she doesn’t. Looking good makes us feel better on the trail, hence, the ultra-versatile Forsake Women’s Duck. All-season protection without the all-rubber exterior means a modern spin on heritage outdoors design, adding premium waterproof leather and suede in a perfect blend between rugged and trendy. So voyage into riverbeds and over ice. Your girl’s feet will remain toasty and dry.

Track1 E-Board

Track 1 E-Board

Costing a tad more than a pair of shoes, this sneaky gift is so worth it because you’ll use it to play also. Launched on Indiegogo by the Seattle-based Flux Design Co., Track 1 allows you to “surf the earth” over snow, dirt, sand, and streets in a four-wheeler (ATV wheels) meets Razor scooter. With a top speed of 20 mph, Track 1 transition from a hands-free electric board to a mini utility vehicle for unconventional outdoor play. Plus, it’s lightweight so it won’t bog down her travel bag.

Biolite Camp Stove 2 Bundle

Let there be light! BioLite, pure geniuses in outdoor camping stove and energy products, created a bundle that includes their signature stove, kettle, and portable grill. So instead of one gift, you get points for more, including Biolite’s famed wood-burning, electricity-producing CampStove 2, and the KettlePot and FlexLight attachments. She’ll definitely be thrilled to cook and grill away on the next camping trip with this camp stove bundle.



A mini bungalow that she can take camping, to the beach, or even the backyard will score major points for the woman who not only likes being outdoors but relaxing in them. This Indiegogo project, TreePod, satisfies the need to kick up your feet (above ground) and simply hang. With only one hanging point and diameters of either four, five, or six, TreePod elevates the hammock experience in a luxurious yet hassle-free way. It’s a great nest to snuggle up in and watch the sunset mountain-side.

REI Co-op Flash 22 Print Pack

Don’t give a plain, bulky backpack to her and call it a day. The REI Co-op Flash 22 Print Pack is as stylish as it is functional for hiking and other outdoor adventures. The vibrant print stands out in the crowd (of wild animals and foliage) and it has a good amount of compartments. It’s also comfortable to wear, despite being large, it is still lightweight. The waist belt and sternum strap can be removed for an even lighter backpack.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask 21 oz Standard Mouth Bottle

Going on outdoor adventures can be exhausting. That’s why a Hydro Flask can come in handy to stay hydrated during the long and winding trail. What sets the Hydro Flask from other tumblers or water jugs is that it can keep beverages cold for a whole 24 hours. The durable design and pro-grade stainless steel also ensure no flavor transfer. Whatever adventure life brings to her, this Hydro Flask will always be ready for it.

Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock

Therm-a-Rest Slacker

When camping, you still want to give her a semblance of comfort. Aside from a tent, which is a given, you can consider one of the best camping hammocks in the market. This Slacker Hammock by Therm-a-Rest is durable, easy to store and assemble. It can even support 400 pounds of weight, which means you can totally join in on the fun of unwinding in a hammock.

Big Agnes Skyline UL Chair

Weighing at only 1, this high-quality camping chair by Big Agnes is the perfect gift for the go-getter girl in your life. She can easily bring this chair during any outdoor trip that comes her way. It’s also easy to set up and disassemble. Even though it’s lightweight, this portable chair doesn’t scrimp on durability, it even has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. Sitting by the fire is made more relaxing with this chair.

Garmin Venu

Garmin Venu Smartwatch

The Garmin Venu is a smartwatch that combines functionality and elegance. Even though she’ll be sweaty and rugged for the most part of the day, it’s still important to keep it stylish. Of course, this Garmin smartwatch is more than just a pretty timepiece. This GPS smartwatch is perfect for keeping track of hydration levels, heart rate, and respiration. It also has built-in sports apps and fitness tracking to keep her health monitored.

GoPro Hero8 Black

GoPro Hero8 Black

Capture the beautiful mountain view and hiking trail with the GoPro Hero8. It’s always rewarding to reach the end of a hike and keeping footage and photos is a must. The GoPro Hero8 is an action camera that can capture high-quality videos, no matter what climate. She can also take a memorable night lapse video with it and watch as the skies turn into a burnt orange to black. The GoPro is also the perfect gift for a traveler.

YETI Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler

A portable cooler is essential on every hiking trip. With that in mind, you wouldn’t want her lugging around a backpack cooler along with her actual backpack. The YETI Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler can be slung around her arm for a more convenient and comfortable time carrying it. The cooler provides top-tier insulation while keeping cold drinks neatly stored with its cubed shaped design.



The outdoorswoman in your life always needs to be prepared no matter what adventure she goes on. With that in mind, the best thing you can give her is a portable water filtering system like this one. LifeStraw is the perfect basic item to bring on hiking and camping trips as it can filter out harmful bacteria and produce safe drinking water. You can also purchase more than one pack so that you can have your very own LifeStraw or give her a whole set.

Fjallraven Kanken Mini Lunch Box

Aside from casual daypacks, the famous Fjallraven Kanken line also has an all-in-one cooler and lunch box. This lightweight yet spacious lunch box is a great item to bring to store her snacks and meal while going on a daytime trek. This lunch box is not too bulky which makes it great for storing small meal prep containers for portion control. On top of that, it has the Fjallraven Kanken logo which makes it a stylish yet functional item to have on her backpack.

And make sure to follow up the giving with our lady-approved list of Valentine’s day gifts.

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