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Tackle the World’s Most Famous Peaks With The North Face 7 Summits Collection

north face seven summits
The North Face

Climbing the world’s highest peaks is a worthy goal in its own right. But, for some expeditioners, there’s no such thing as “enough.” In 2006, ski-mountaineer Kit DesLauriers became the first person in history to both summit and ski all Seven Summits. Now, The North Face is honoring her epic feat with a line of premium, high-tech outdoor apparel that’s set to redefine outerwear.

The North Face 7 Summits Collection is inspired by world-class mountaineering, but designed for the streets. It’s anchored by the beefy, Arctic-ready Himalayan Parka, plush ‘95 Denali Fleece, and 7SE Boots. A matching duffel/backpack, beanie, and carry-all round out the set. Every piece is available in a black-on-bumble-bee-yellow colorway. A series of interchangeable patches depicting the world’s seven summits allows wearers to customize their apparel.

north face seven summits collection
The North Face

The North Face has long been a leading innovator among outdoor brands. It’s constantly pushing the envelope in both its marketing and in what’s technically possible in outerwear. It launched the Summit Series in 2000 as a way to unveil its most advanced technology as an exclusive flagship clothing line. The line was rebooted in 2015 around the time the brand released its Moon Parka — an out-of-this-world jacket spun from synthetic spider silk. This latest iteration marks the official debut of The North Face’s Futurelight, a state-of-the-art material that’s set to be a game-changer for the outerwear market.

Earlier this year, the company partnered with BMW to debut the high-tech Futurelight concept. The revolutionary camper featured a minimal, ultra-lightweight shell wrapped in an advanced, “Nanospun” fabric. Officially, “[t]he process creates nano-sized holes, allowing for incredible porosity while still maintaining total waterproofness.” In layman’s terms, it’s arguably the most waterproof yet breathable fabric on the market. What’s more, The North Face confirms the fabric is made entirely from recycled materials with a durable non-PFC water-repellent coating. So, it’s also the greenest, most eco-friendly fabric the company has ever made.

You won’t find these latest pieces from The North Face 7 Summits Collection online. They’re currently only available in select U.S. stores, including in New York, Chicago, Seattle, and, of course, Anchorage.

For a more casual, non-alpinist look this winter, check out our roundup of the best men’s parkas for braving the cold.

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