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Forge and Bond’s new mountain biking wheels are trail ready

The latest mountain biking wheels form Forge and Bond: the 30 AM and 25 XC

Two mountain bikers hitting the trails on the new F+B 30 AM wheelset
Forge and Bond / Forge and Bond

With mountain biking gear and components now readily available, upgrading your bike is once again a viable option. If a new carbon wheelset has been on your mind, Forge and Bond has you covered, including some brand-new wheel options.

Back in April, mountain biking was introduced to one of its newest companies, Forge and Bond. The company burst onto the scene with its carbon fiber wheels. Today, we meet two new wheel offerings: the F+B 25 XC and the F+B 30 AM.

Forge and Bond’s wheels aren’t the typical carbon hoops we’re all used to. Yes, they are light. Yes, they are stiff and strong. But, the difference is how Forge and Bond manufacture their wheels. 

Two XC mountain bikers riding trails on the new F+B 25 XC wheelset at the Sea Otter Classic
Sea Otter Classic 2023 Forge and Bond / Forge and Bond

New horizons from Forge and Bond

Forge and Bond is looking to change the way carbon fiber wheels are made. Typically, mountain biking products made from carbon fiber, including wheels, incorporate epoxies and resins. Not only are these toxic, but once the epoxies are set, there is no reversing the process. This means the product is not reusable or recyclable, bound for the landfill at the end of its life.

Instead, Forge and Bond strive to waste nothing. Their carbon fiber process gives birth to a different product that can be recycled, often into tire levers the company sells. The goal is to keep Forge and Bond out of the landfills.

One of the ways they accomplish this feat is through the reimagining of epoxy and resin use. Forge and Bond decided to leave the toxic goop out of their carbon wheels, opting for their proprietary FusionFiber technology. FusionFiber not only absorbs impacts better than brittle epoxies, it is also recyclable.

In fact, Forge and Bond ask that you send broken or damaged wheels back to them, so they can properly recycle the products. They stand behind their products with not only the standard warranty protecting against manufacturer defects but with their “Return to Fun” Warranty. This warranty states that if you break a wheel during intended use, just pay for shipping, and Forge and Bond will replace it. This is fairly unheard of in the mountain bike industry.

Forge and Bond's new XC wheelset, the F+B 25 XC
Forge and Bond / Forge and Bond

F+B 25 XC

Ok, on to the new wheels. Forge and Bond introduced us to their way of manufacturing carbon wheels with their Enduro and gravel wheelsets. Missing was that pedal-friendly, long-distance wheels that can still take a beating on the trails. Meet the F+B 25 XC.

This cross-country (XC) wheelset is “a carbon, thermoplastic wheelset that is fast and responsive, able to absorb bumps and vibrations and generates a smooth and comfortable ride,” according to Forge and Bond. 

And $100 of your purchase of the F+B 25 XC wheelset goes to support the local NICA, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. A quality wheelset that helps keep kids on bikes is a good move.

Forge and Bond's new trail wheelset, the F+B 30 AM
Forge and Bond / Forge and Bond

F+B 30 AM

Also missing from Forge and Bond’s mountain biking wheel lineup was the everyday trail wheel. With the evergrowing popularity of the trail bike, Forge and Bond’s new F+B 30 AM wheelset seems to be the perfect option for your trail bike. 

Chief Engineer at Forge and Bond, Kell Kirby, had this to say about the new trail wheelset: “The F+B AM 30 is designed for riders who want a lightweight, durable, and high-performing wheelset that can handle anything the trail throws their way.”

This new offering from Forge and Bond wheels will surely be a great all-around wheelset. Added strength means you can take it up to the bike park, while a lightweight build still allows you to spin a 25-mile epic. 

Comprehensive spec lists for the F+B 30 AM and the F+B 25 XC, and other wheels and mountain biking gear coming from Forge and Bond, can be found on their website.

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