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These Are 11 of the Best Fishing Gifts for Dad

men fishing under the sun.

If dad is serious about fishing, then these best fishing gifts will always be in demand. You can never have enough fishing gear, either. But where should you begin amid an outdoor sport that’s known for its multitude of gear, such as poles, reels, outerwear, and gadgetry?

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Good thing we know the drill when it comes to fishing. A great outing involves everything from a trusty cooler to keep your cold ones chilled to a pair of shades to see through the glare of the water and a good old-fashioned book or two for hanging out in the water.

It doesn’t matter if your pa fly-fishes for trout, throws nightcrawlers with a spinning reel for bass, or just wets a line on vacation — these gifts are great for any kind of angler.

Vintage Creel

Wicker Fishing Creel on a white background.

Some fishing items are forever. Such is the case with the creel, the fashionable way to carry home your catch. It’s essentially a wicker messenger bag and a fine accent to your dad’s fishing ensemble.

Leader Straightener

Orvis Leader Straightener on a white background.

Simple gifts can make for great gifts. A leader straightener is a must for a fly-fisherman. It does exactly what its name suggests and allows for better presentation and casting (and fish) on the water.

Multi-Tool Metal Wallet

Lever Toolcard Pro on a white background.

Why have several tools when one small one can do it all and function as a wallet? The Lever Toolcard Pro is multi-functional, able to measure, can hold your ID and credit cards, and can even crack a beer or help tie a complicated fishing knot.

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It book on a white background.

Fishing tales don’t get much better than this. And while we adore the Brad Pitt movie, the Norman Maclean book is even better. It’ll have dad planning your next trout outing to the rugged streams and rivers of western Montana, where it all takes place.

BioLite Headlamp

BioLite 750 Headlamp on a white background.

When the fish are feeding, it doesn’t matter what time your clock says. Make sure your dad is prepared with a proper headlamp, like this one from BioLite. He’ll be able to select flues and lures during twilight or hop on the river-bound trail before sunup, making sure he’s the first one on the water.

Filson Cloth Packer Hat

Filson Cloth Packer hat on a white background.

Buy a Filson product and you’ve got yourself a lifelong companion. This timeless hat looks good, keeps the weather at bay, and serves as a great spot for storing some of your favorite lures or flies.

Fly Tying Kit

Orvis Fly Tying Kit on a white background.

One of the most satisfying feelings is catching a fish on a fly that you tied. Give that gift to dad with this fly-tying kit — a perfect intro to what will likely become one of his favorite new hobbies.

The Feather Thief

The Feather Thief book on a white background.

Another great tale within the realm of fishing, The Feather Thief deals in unlikely heists for rare bird feathers used by salmon fishermen. It feels like a tall tale, but it’s entirely true.

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Ray-Ban Polarized Glasses

Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses on a white background.

No fishing trip should be stained by lack of visibility. These stylish Ray-Ban sunglasses will cut through the glare and allow you to spot fish or at least watch your fly as it rifts down a riffle. Plus, the added eye protection is always a good idea, especially considering that dad is throwing a hooked object back and forth through the air.

Igloo Mission Cooler

Igloo Mission Cooler on a white background.

Whether it’s to keep beer cold, lunch fresh, or to pack home your trophy fish on ice, a cooler is a must. This one is the perfect size for the back of your car as you and dad hit the lake for the weekend.

NRS Boater’s Gloves

NRS Boater's Gloves shown front and back.

Even when the air is warm, the water often isn’t. Functional hands are key where fishing is concerned, and these gloves ensure that.

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