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The best hiking gear to gift from Benchmade, Smartwool, and more

Need a gift for your outdoorsy friend? We've got your back

A man in a red jacket walking through the woods, covered in snow
Renāte Šnore / Unsplash

For your outdoorsy friend or family member, hiking isn’t merely a pastime — it’s a lifestyle. If you’re allergic to all things fresh air, it might be difficult to find the perfect gift for them during the holiday season. It’s the best time to show how much you love your special someone, so here’s our list of the top 10 hiking gifts for enthusiasts of the outdoors.

This list is curated with your hiker in mind, for adventure lovers, and by adventure lovers. Here’s a detailed look at 10 exceptional hiking gear brands products that are sure to wow your loved one.

Flextail Tiny Repel

1. Flextail Tiny Repel

Almost nothing is worse than a swarm of mosquitos. They’re bad enough to ruin the most beautiful hikes, so if you’ve ever heard your hiker friend complain about bugs, this ingenious device might just be the perfect gift for them. The Flextail Tiny Repel device creates a protective 30-foot zone against these pesky insects, offering tranquility for backpackers, campers, and hunters alike. Its dual modes, Camp and Outdoor, provide adaptable protection, ensuring a bug-free environment for up to 10 hours in Camp mode and 7 hours in Outdoor mode.

Flextail Max Lantern

2. Flextail Max Lantern

When dusk falls on the trail, illumination becomes a necessity. The Flextail Max Lantern is a great option for hikers who like to smell the roses along the way and end up losing track of time. Weighing a mere 45 grams, it’s lighter than an egg, yet it radiates an impressive 220 lumens. Its energy efficiency surpasses traditional lanterns, providing up to 400 hours of uninterrupted light when connected to a 10,000 mAh power bank.

iKamper Camp Cutlery Set for four

3. iKamper Camp Cutlery Set

Many times, longer hikes will involve a packed lunch and a picnic in front of a scenic view. If your hiker advocates for environmental sustainability, this lightweight iKamper Camp Cutlery Set will be a win. No more plastic forks here! This set includes an assortment of knives, forks, spoons, and even chopsticks inside a gorgeous travel case. With this set, your loved one can take any picnic lunch to the next level and impress anyone who joins them along the way.

Smartwool Ski Zero socks

4. Smartwool outdoor apparel

Merino wool has been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts for centuries due to its warmth and moisture-wicking properties. No doubt, your hiking-obsessed friend or family member might even own a few base layers for those chilly temperatures. However, one can never have enough merino wool.

Smartwool is a trusted American clothing brand that specializes in merino wool. Designed by ski instructors for the Colorado winter, its line of apparel is the real deal. Its base layers, hiking socks, and other apparel items redefine warmth and coziness in varying weather conditions. Your friend or family member will definitely appreciate the warmth, not to mention the style.

Grayl geopress water bottle filtration system

5. Grayl water filtration

You never know what could be marinating upstream, so one of the fundamental necessities on a long hike is access to safe drinking water. We’ve seen lots of different kinds of water filtration systems on the trail, and Grayl’s water filtration and purification systems stand out as a top-rated solution for backpackers and campers. This portable and efficient tool ensures clean and potable water, mitigating the concerns of contaminated water sources during expeditions.

TINCUP whiskey mug with carabiner clip for hikers

6. TINCUP Whiskey

After conquering trails and reaching summits, unwinding with a sip of quality whiskey is an unmatched pleasure for your outdoorsy friend. TINCUP offers a range of whiskey variants, complemented by unique accessories like carabiner mugs and apparel that are sure to catch the eye of your hiker buddy. These add-ons are perfect for enhancing post-hike relaxation and celebrating the triumphs achieved amid nature’s beauty.

Benchmade knife: Mini Freek milticolor G10 for outdoors and hikers

7. Benchmade knives

A reliable knife is an essential tool for any hiker. They’re great for cutting and preparing food, gear maintenance, fire starting, and even first aid. In an emergency situation, having the right knife is a fantastic idea. So, if you’re loved one doesn’t have one already, consider the masterful craftsmanship of Benchmade knives.

These are made specifically for durability, and the brand presents a range of options designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. From cutting ropes to carving kindling for a campfire, these knives are versatile companions on the trail.

Vans MTE warm weather hiking boots

8. Vans hiking boots

Vans is most often known for its streetwear. Recently, however, it has extended its product lines to include hiking boots, which we covered in detail in another article. Combining style and functionality, these boots offer the best of both worlds. Designed to endure rugged terrains while ensuring comfort, they are a statement piece for hikers who appreciate aesthetics without compromising performance. As long as you know your hiker’s shoe size, you’re good to go.

The Mountain Gazette magazine subscription for outdoorsy people
Mountain Gazette

9. Mountain Gazette subscription

For those who seek inspiration and insights from the outdoor community, a subscription to Mountain Gazette is a treasure trove. This publication encapsulates stories straight from the hearts of mountain town dwellers, offering a peek into their way of life, work, and play in the great outdoors. Delivered to their inbox and mailbox, it’s a constant source of motivation for the next expedition.

Field Notes by Birch Bark
Field Notes

10. Field Notes Birch Bark

For the contemplative hiker who likes to document their adventures, Field Notes Birch Bark provides the perfect platform. Encased in charming designs, these notebooks encourage capturing observations, sketches, and reflections — a tangible chronicle of their journey through nature’s wonders.

When selecting ideal gifts for hikers, consider not just their needs but also their aspirations on the trail. Each of these handpicked items resonates with different facets of a hiker’s journey. We hope this list helps!

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