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Planters Jumps into the Craft Beer Game with Mr. IPA-Nut

Lately, it seems that every major brand not traditionally in the beer market is making their own beer. Boston’s Harpoon Brewery created a coffee porter with Dunkin’ Donuts. IHOP worked with New York-based Keegan Ales to make a pumpkin pancake beer. Oregon’s 10 Barrel Brewing made a beer in honor of the last Blockbuster Video (not quite the same, but close enough). The newest major company to enter the beer game? Planters.

That’s right, folks, Mr. Peanut (the dashing, monocle-wearing peanut-human hybrid who is now being touted as the best “Wingnut” on the planet) teamed up with Lombard, Illinois’ Noon Whistle Brewing to fire up the brew kettle and release Planters’ first beer. Named Mr. IPA-Nut (because why wouldn’t you call it that?), the India pale ale is an attempt by the brand to prove that peanuts go with every kind of beer out there.

planters ipanut ipa beer

“It would have been easy to make a great stout or porter with nuts, but Planters wanted to prove that nuts go great with any style beer. Therefore, we took their honey roasted peanuts and made a great IPA that highlights both hops and peanuts,” said Michael Condon, owner of Noon Whistle Brewing.

Made with Wakatu and Citra hops, the company says that Mr. IPA-Nut delivers “a citrus aroma and a hint of honey-roasted peanuts, all followed by a slightly salty finish that makes every sip worth savoring.” Noon Whistle also makes over 10 other types of IPAs, ranging from traditional and Northeastern style IPAs to the new-ish category, brut IPAs, so it’s safe to say they have experience making the style with varying ingredients.

Launched to coincide for National American Beer Day (October 27), Mr. IPA-Nut will retail for $10 and be available in four-packs of 16-ounce cans at the brewery and in select stores in Illinois. A full list can be found here.

While we’re optimistic for this beer — the honey notes could complement the hops if done in the right amounts — we’ll be honest in saying we’re holding out for what will surely be the next Planters-themed beer: Cheese Ball Pilsner.

Mr. Peanut, if you’re out there, get on that.

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