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Midleton releases its oldest whiskey to date — here’s how much it costs

This whiskey was distilled when Nixon was the President

Midleton Whiskey
Midleton Whiskey

If you’re not an avid Irish whiskey drinker, you might not know about the whiskey prowess of The Midleton Distillery. Located in County Cork, Ireland, this Pernod Ricard-owned distillery has been crafting award-winning whiskeys since it was opened back in 1975. While the brand is known for myriad, limited-release, exceptional whiskeys, there are few more well-known than Midleton Very Rare.

Recently, the distillery announced the fifth chapter in its Silent Distillery Collection. Referred to as Chapter Five, this single-pot still whiskey isn’t the type of expression you’ll grab at your local liquor store. That’s because it’s Midleton’s oldest whiskey to date at 49 years old.

The whiskey

Whiskey in a glass
Giorgio Trovato / Unsplash

Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection Chapter Five was distilled back in 1973 on one of the largest pot stills in the world. It was matured for almost five full decades in American ex-bourbon casks. The result is an incredibly nuanced, complex 52.4% ABV sipping whiskey with notes of orchard fruits, apricots, dried fruits, candied nuts, oaky wood, dark chocolate, salted caramel, and gentle spices. ,”

“Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection Chapter Five embodies a captivating tale that celebrates the convergence of the finest wood, exceptional whiskey, and indomitable spirit of the master craftsmen who sit at the heart of the Old Midleton Distillery’s legacy,” said Midleton Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman in a press release.

“The result is truly remarkable, offering an exceptional liquid that exceeds expectations and promises an unforgettable experience. I eagerly invite whiskey enthusiasts to indulge in this exceptional liquid and discover the captivating history that accompanies the expression as they savor every sip.”

The bottle


Not only is the liquid inside sublimely complex, but the bottle it’s housed in is a work of art as well. Bottled in a handblown and etched Waterford Crystal decanter, this expression comes with a handcrafted tiger brown oak burr cabinet created by Irish designer John Galvin. To add to that, the case features antique white leather, oak from a 200-year-old whiskey vat, and silver detailing.

How much does it cost?

Whiskey bottles
Adam Wilson/Unsplash

Now, we get to the most important part of this story. You’re probably scratching your head and wondering what a 49-year-old extremely limited-edition Irish whiskey could possibly sell for and where it’s available.

It’s available to purchase in Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, the United Kingdom, and other areas of Europe, as well as the Persian Gulf, Asia, and, of course, the US. It’s also available in Globel Travel Retailer and Irish Distillers’ Brand Homes. The price? Well, it’s selling for the suggested retail price of $55,000.

This timeless expression that was distilled when Richard Nixon was the President isn’t going to be available forever. If you have more than $50,000 burning a proverbial hole in your trousers, you should spend that cash on this limit-edition bottle. You’ll be happy you did.

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