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The 2-ingredient greyhound cocktail is perfect for summer gatherings

Fresh, refreshing, and loaded with citrus. What's not to love?

Closeup glass of greyhound cocktail decorated with grapefruit at bright bar counter background.
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When it comes to classic cocktails, everyone knows the iconic Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and of course the Margarita. These are timeless drinks that have never seemed to fade from bar-goers’ collective thoughts. But some drinks aren’t so lucky. And it’s not that they disappeared completely, they just never got the love of some of the big-name drinks. A prime example is the Greyhound.

Not only is it refreshing and citrusy, but it’s extremely easy to make. That’s because this drink doesn’t have a half dozen ingredients with muddled fruit, herbs, sugar, and other random things. It’s only made with two ingredients. Gin or vodka and fresh grapefruit juice. Really, that’s it. The result is a fresh, tart, grapefruit-filled drink you’ll want to sip all summer long. You likely already enjoy a grapefruit-driven Paloma. Why not try a Greyhound?

When was it created?

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While some timeless cocktails have a murky history with various stories, the Greyhound’s genesis is fairly well-known. The first mention of the cocktail was in Harry Craddock’s ‘Savoy Cocktail Book’ in 1930. The first recipe for the drink was simply gin, grapefruit, and ice.

The reason vodka became an option as its base was the surge of the clear spirit’s popularity in the 1950s. As for the name, the Greyhound Bus terminal had a restaurant chain in those days and the vodka version was served there.

What does it taste like?

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If you enjoy a tequila-based Paloma, you’re probably going to like a Greyhound. If you make it with a vodka base, it will be all tart, refreshing grapefruit. But, if you choose the original gin version, you’ll add an element of herbal, juniper pine flavor to the fresh grapefruit juice flavor. Either way, it’s effortlessly flavorful and perfect any time of day. We suggest whipping some up to replace your usual brunch Mimosa or Peach Bellini. You’ll be happy you did.

What you’ll need to make a Greyhound

Grapefruit drink
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  • 2 ounces of vodka or gin (your preference)
  • Fresh grapefruit juice topper
  • Lime wheel garnish

The Greyhound recipe steps

Slice of pink grapefruit

1. Add ice to a highball glass.
2. Add vodka or gin.
3. Top with fresh grapefruit juice.
4. Stir gently to combine.
5. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Bottom Line

Gin bottles
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As mixed drinks go, this is as simple as they get. All you need is vodka or gin, fresh grapefruit juice, some ice, a glass to put it all in, and a lime wheel if you’re into garnishing your drinks. In the grand scheme of cocktailing, that isn’t a lot of ingredients. If you’re a fan of fresh, tart grapefruit juice, you might already have all of the ingredients in your house. If so, what are you waiting for? Go make the drink right now. We’ll wait.

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