7 Foods You Can Cook With A Blowtorch

Nothing says “happy Valentines Day, baby” like standing in the kitchen, buck naked save for an apron and a welders mask, as you cook up a delicious meal with a handheld blowtorch. With such a powerful display of your culinary skills, your ladywoman will surely go weak in the knees, and upon tasting the flame-broiled masterpiece you’ve created, she will undoubtedly fall madly in love with you. Here are seven things you can cook with a blowtorch:

creme brulee

Crème Brûlée – if French isn’t your strong suit, crème brûlée translates to “burnt cream,” so it’s one of the few things that actually requires a blowtorch

toasted marshmallows

Marshmallows – because building a campfire just to make a couple smores isn’t practical. Using a blowtorch, however, totally is.

baked alaska

Baked Alaska – Ice cream and cake tucked inside a toasted shell of meringue is quite possibly the most baller desert ever.

seared salmon

Fish – Practically any type of fish will do. So long as it’s fresh, most fish is fine to eat raw, but putting a good sear on the outside gives it a different flavor, and also changes the texture a bit.

skillet pizza

Skillet Pizza – who needs an oven when you’ve got a perfectly good blowtorch? Just cook up the crust in a pan and melt the cheese on top with an open flame.

seared steak

Steak Sous Vide – A nice thick steak cooked sous vide is where it’s at, but sous vide-ing doesn’t caramelize the outside of the meat. A quick sear with a blowtorch will finish it off perfectly.

mac and cheese

Mac and Cheese – ok, so technically you probably can’t cook mac and cheese entirely with a blowtorch, but you can totally give the top a good browning and make it gourmet if you’ve got a flame handy

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