Epicoa’s Portable Wonder Grill

epicoa wonder grill portable 2jpg
This Fall say goodbye to the days of the kettle grill at the football game. Tailgating just got easier, and healthier, with the new portable Epicoa Rotisserie Grill. This suitcase size grill can go anywhere from the football game to the family BBQ. It all packs into its own briefcase style shell. Each shell is customizable with any color combo you’d like, whether its your favorite team or not.

The battery-powered rotisserie system allows you to skewer more than seven different items at once – also keeping juices on your meat and away from the bottom of the grill. This means keeping carcinogens at an all time low (aka healthier) because they aren’t dripping to the bottom of your grill only to char up.

As Epicoa puts it, their product sets out to “free the grillers”. Free them from grilling, flipping, but not looking damn good while doing it. The automated skewer system allows you to walk away from the grill and enjoy your people. No more “flip anxiety” as Epicoa puts it!  But with a wicked grill like this you will all probably be standing around it anyway. One more perk is it’s extremely easy to clean. You can disassemble, pour out the charcoal and then clean out the shell. Everything goes back inside and you’re ready to go for your next event.

This fine piece of machinery will run you about $700 for the seven-skewer model. They also have a smaller five-skewer version for about $550. Visit Epicoa for more info.


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