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The 28 Best Beer Gifts For Your Beer-Loving Dad

Buying gifts for beer fanatics is never easy. The difficulty is amplified when that Father’s Day gift is for a beer-loving dad. Unless you have an intimate knowledge of dad’s favorite beers and styles, it’s probably best to avoid individual beers. Beer fans are of course very particular about the beers they drink. They might be choosy about their hops and have a strong opinion, good or bad, about the latest beer craze.

The best bet, go for something to accompany their beer drinking. Whiskey fan? There’s some great beer-finished whiskies. Voracious reader? There are plenty of excellent books about beer on the market.

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Best Whiskies for Beer Drinkers

Lagavulin Offerman Edition: Guinness Cask Finish

Actor Nick Offerman is best known for his whisky and meat-loving character Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec. His manliness partnered with Scotch maker Lagavulin to finish the whisky in barrels that held a barrel-aged Guinness.

Rogue Spirits Rolling Thunder Stouted Whiskey

Every part of this three-year-old single malt is made by Oregon’s Rogue. The distillery makes the whiskey. The barrels are made by the company’s cooperage. The barrels age the brewery’s imperial stout and then the whiskey. The result: A delicious, oaky whiskey with deep stout notes.

New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon

Michigan’s New Holland started as a brewery. Then it expanded into distilling. Perhaps New Holland Artisan Spirits’ most popular product is Beer Barrel Bourbon, a whiskey aged in barrels that once housed the brewery’s Dragon’s Milk.

Best Gifts To Chill a Brewski

Yeti Hopper M30 Soft Cooler

Can coolers be over-engineered? Probably. But Yeti’s are great and this soft cooler is perfect for pretty much every day-length occasion. It’s also a great practical gift for your dad.

Trinity Stainless Steel Wheeled Cooler

Dad can host a BBQ with style knowing his deck bar is taken care of with the Trinity cooler on wheels. A luxury cooler such as this one is a great gift for the dad who loves to grill and cook outside with ice cold beers ready to go. The sleek silver look fits in anywhere and the utilities provider, like an attached bottle opener, takes all the work out of hosting.

$278 from Lowes

New Air 126-Can Refrigerator

Is mom mad at dad for filling up the normal fridge with beer? This small fridge can fit in anywhere semi-discreetly and it holds lots of beer. And adding a beverage cooler will make any room in the house feel fancier.

Best Way to Keep a Bottle Cold

Brümate Hopsulator

A 3-in-1 tool to keep 12- and 16-ounce cans cold, or to serve as a pint glass. It comes with a freezable “arctic adapter” to help keep beverages cold in the triple-insulated cozy.

Yeti Rambler

Yeti knows how to keep beverages at a good temperature. The rambler is a perfect vessel for, well, pretty much every drink dad can pour. And it comes in a variety of sizes.

Coleman Lounger

The Coleman Lounger is perfect for keeping a camping dad’s beer can or bottle cold for hours — if it lasts that long sitting by a campfire.

Best Reads About Beer

Barrel-Aged Stout and Selling Out By Josh Noel

Chicago Tribune reporter Josh Noel detailed the rise and polarizing sale of Goose Island Beer Co. in this well-reported book. Goose Island helped kick off the craft beer movement, only to turn it on its head when the industry’s big bad AB InBev bought the brewery and its well-respected brews.

Drink Better Beer By Joshua M. Bernstein

Joshua Bernstein might be the most prolific beer author in the business. His latest book provides a look at the beer world from hundreds of beer professionals. His other books include: The Complete Beer Course, Complete IPA and Brewed Awakening.

The Beer Bible By Jeff Alworth

Is your Dad a beer novice? Or just hungry for all there is to know about beer? Jeff Alworth recently released the second edition of The Beer Bible, a detailed guide to the world of beer.

The Oxford Companion to Beer By Garret Oliver

Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster Garret Oliver is a must-own A-to-Z reference book for any home bar. It’s dense and not a front-to-back reader, but great for as an informational guide to beer.

Best Beer Grooming Items

Duffy’s Brew Craft Beer Shampoo and Conditioner

Hops and malt are apparently good for the scalp and hair. That’s great news.

Duke Cannon Beer Soaps

Smelling like beer can be an interesting choice. But Duke Cannon puts dad’s favorite beer in soap form: Busch, Budweiser, Old Milwaukee, Lone Star and Deschutes. If you’re looking for quality soaps for men check out The Tavern Collection. It also includes beard oils, solid colognes, and bourbon soaps.

Swag Brewery Beer Soap

The round soaps are made with real beer in a variety of styles, with the scents coming from those respective styles.

Best Beer Knick Knacks

Good Beer Hunting Beer Peen Hammer

Beer Pen Hammer
Good Beer Hunting

Dad can never have enough bottle openers. The Beer Peen Hammer is cool enough it can standalone on a bar top as a piece of art.

$55 at Good Beer Hunting

Westmark 3-in-1 Hermetus Bottle Opener

It pops off cap beer. It adds a little leverage to a twist off. Or it seals up an open large format beer. The Hermetus does it all … or those three things.

Brewer’s Hop Growing Kit

Does dad have a green thumb? Have him give hop growing a whirl. The cool vines might not be of use for actual beer, but it’s a fun hobby.

Best Beer Glasses Gifts

Du Vino Teku Beer Glasses

Does the shape of your beer glass matter? We say yes. Grab your dad a Teku glass. It might seem over the top for some beer drinkers but its stylish design makes it an attractive way to sip on a favorite brew.

Libbey Willi Becher Glass

The Willi Becher is a sturdy beer glass that provides an excellent vessel for everyday sipping, from water to pilsner to big stout. Its modern lines keep it a bit more stylish than a normal pint.

Speglieu IPA glass

If dad likes IPAs, he’ll dig this glass designed specifically to highlight the hoppy delights.

Best Beer Shirt Gifts

Hamms Bear Shirt

Hamm’s is a quintessential vintage beer brand. Vintage beers are often quintessential dad. And the bear is pretty awesome. Check out his old commercials.

$24 at Hamms

Beer Bear Deer Shirt

Dads love a good bad joke. There’s nothing quite like combining a deer and a bear to make a beer. There’s a lot of them out there, so pick the style that corresponds to dad the best.

Founders Brewing Co. All Day IPA shirt

Founder’s Brewing Co. hit the nail on the head when it first released All Day IPA. Whether or not dad likes hops, the All Day artwork is a perfect weekend tribute.

$20 from Founders Brewing Co.

Best Beer Artwork Gifts

Skyline Workshop Beer Cap State Map

Is your Dad proud of his home state and love bottled beer? This is a nice way to bring a little personal color to his wall.

Lovely Day for a Guinness Metal Sign (Toucans)

Guinness art is fun and goofy. It’s classy enough to not be overly kitschy, and sturdy because they’re metal.

Beer Style Poster

It’s like a family tree, but for beer. With so many styles, at least some dad probably hasn’t heard of, the cool web of beer is a nice way to draw eyes to the wall.

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