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Get Bacon Delivered with These Bacon Subscription Boxes

The cultural obsession over bacon has waned, but only because the salty, savory strip of pig has become more mainstream than ever.

Along with bacon’s rise in food culture, subscription services have provided consumers with the ability to have everything under the sun arrive on their doorsteps on a regular, recurring basis. And bacon is no different.

Never again will a meal need to be served up without the perfect accoutrement: Bacon. Bacon makes everything better, so make sure you never run out with bacon subscription boxes.

Whether it is a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast; a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich for lunch; or a bacon cheeseburger for dinner, a refrigerator can always have a fresh supply now. A crispy slice, or five, of bacon can also help improve other foods, even something almost universally despised, like  Brussel sprouts!

The best part about these bacon subscription boxes? These are not thin, flimsy grocery store commodity bacon strips. No, these are hearty bacon slabs. But how does one choose?

That’s where our round-up of the best bacon boxes comes in:

Zingerman’s Bacon Club

Bacon Clubs

Zingerman’s has been nailing the mail-order game for some time now. They offer over two dozen monthly food clubs to choose from, and the bacon club just might be the best of the bunch. Sign up for this porky delivery and you’ll get 12 to 16 ounces of carefully selected artisan bacon every month.

You never need to wonder what you’re cooking up: Zingerman’s bacon comes from multi-generational farms throughout the United States and doesn’t mess around with commercial gimmicks like chemical-laden cures and way too much salt or sugar. Instead, each variety of bacon is smoked, rubbed, and cured in small batches for a flavor that will make you realize that you’ve been wrong all your life — bacon can taste even more delicious.

Flavors range from old favorites like applewood and hickory-smoked to stand-outs like juniper and thyme, so you’ll never be lacking in variety. Plus, you get extra goodies, such as recipes and stories, in each month’s shipment. If you’re gifting it to someone, you can even print out a delightful card from the Zingerman’s website to let them know what they’re in for.

Types of Bacon: Applewood Smoked, Kentucky Dry Cured, Arkansas Peppered, Juniper & Thyme, Tennessee Dry Cured, Balinese Long Pepper, Irish-Style Back Bacon, Hickory Smoked Duroc, Hungarian Double Smoked, Newsom’s Dry Cured, Indiana Jowel Bacon, Cherrywood Smoked

Features: Free Bacon Booklet keepsake primer and Pig Magnet with first club shipment; each shipment also contains bacon stories, histories, and recipes; free shipping

Price: $100 to $400 for 3-,6-, or 12-month subscriptions

Heritage Foods

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Heritage Foods brings together some of the finest slabs of pork ever made. Some of the bacon producers are new, some are old, but one thing is for sure, they know how to make a good piece of bacon.

Each package features a variety of carefully raised heritage breed pork, found by the company looking to provide their customers with the best bacon available. Each package comes with a history of the pig breed and the history of the farm so the background of the pig is no mystery.

Types of Bacon: A revolving selection of heritage breed pork.

Features: Three packages, about 3 pounds per month. Each package is 100% antibiotic free

Price: $59 per month

Goldbelly Bacon Subscription

Goldbelly Bacon Subscription
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The folks at Goldbelly call themselves “explorers of food,” and they have earned that title. They have scoured the country for the best local artisan foods with rich histories and generations-old recipes, so they know exactly how to satisfy every craving. Nothing will get your taste buds tingling like a heaping helping of perfectly marbled bacon every month — and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Goldbelly’s Bacon Subscription.

Each box is filled with enough juicy bacon to serve at least six people, all sourced from expert curers and smokers in family-owned farms and restaurants across the United States.

Types of bacon: Edward’s & Sons Virginia Bacon, NYC Butcher Schaller & Weber’s Double Smoker Bacon, Snake River Farm’s Kurobuta Thick Cut Bacon, Iowa’s Vande Rose Farm’s Dry Cured Bacon (and more)

Features: Available in three- or six-month subscriptions; email notifications with tracking information when boxes ship; free shipping

Price: $59 per month

Bacon Scouts

Bacon Scouts
Image used with permission by copyright holder

“Great Bacon Delivered.”

Bacon Scouts’ motto is pretty self-explanatory. This company scouts out good bacon and ships it straight to the doorsteps of mouthwatering costumers. The scouts look for small, independent meat processors across the country.

But the scouting does not stop at the actual bacon. Bacon Scouts aims to be the destination for bacon-themed gifts. So, sure, a box of real bacon might say “I love you,” but throw in a bacon gift card and a pair of bacon socks and there’s no doubt the lucky bacon lover will know where they stand in your heart.

Types of bacon: Blackberry, Maple, Hickory Smoked; Gourmet Applewood smoked; Honey Cured;

Features: Available in single, curated packages or a Bacon-of-the-Month club. Also offers a wide array of non-food bacon gift ideas. Bacon can be ordered one-time, while the subscription can be three-, six, and 12-month. The subscription delivers two 12- to 16-ounce packages of curated bacon.

Price: $45.86 per month to $88 for a box.

Shop Bacon Scouts

Pig of the Month BBQ’s Bacon of the Month Club

Bacon of the Month Club
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Bacon can be one of those foods that’s hard to keep around. When you catch a glimpse of those familiar, perfectly layered strips peeking out of the freezer, it’s pointless to resist cracking out the pan and gettin’ to sizzlin’.

If you just can’t get enough bacon — and you want rapid-fire crispy, meaty variety — then we have to introduce you to Pig of the Month BBQ. “Head Hog” Lea Richards spent her childhood hunting down the country’s best barbecue joints with her dad, so she knows crave-worthy crispy pork like the back of her hand.

She started the business with a mission to provide delicious, quality meats that would taste just as great when they get to your door as they did when they left the shop. Pig of the Month BBQ has succeeded with its Bacon of the Month Club.

Every month, subscribers receive two pounds of bacon, one pound each of two unique and incredibly varied flavors. The flavor calendar for 2017 is full of standards and surprises alike, with combinations like applewood-smoked and candied bacon, barbecue-rubbed and apple pie, and Bloody Mary and rosemary lemon.

Types of bacon: Apple Pie, Citrus Sugar, Cracked Pepper, Garlic Basil, Bloody Mary, Pumpkin Spice, and more

Features: Two types of bacon per month; online flavor calendar for the entire year; free shipping

Price: $135 to $459 for three-, six-, nine-, or 12-month subscriptions

Tender Belly Bacon of the Month

Tender Belly Bacon of the MonthTender Belly Bacon of the Month
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life, ya know? Standing in the kitchen, slippers afoot, coffee in hand, and a few strips of pure, delicious bacon sizzling on a hot stove. Tender Belly’s tradition is thoughtful and simple from top to bottom.

The brand’s bacon is all-natural, from heritage pigs raised on a purely vegetarian diet and with absolutely no antibiotics, hormones, gestation, or nitrates. Tender Belly’s bacon-every-month club is sweet and simple: Four pounds of their incredible slow-cured bacon delivered to your door either every month or every other month. You can choose between the brand’s two signature dry-rub flavors or get two of each for the best of both worlds.

The maple blend is simple, satisfying, and sweet, made with late-season Vermont maple syrup. Get a little kick with the habanero blend, a sweet and spicy treat for your tongue. With premium meat and delectably layered spice blends, you simply don’t need anything more.

Types of bacon: Maple (the signature blend), habanero, or a mix of both

Features: Order every month or every other month; auto-reorder; free shipping

Price: $64 per month

The Baconer

The Baconer
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Baconer takes bacon love to a whole new level. Whether it’s a subscription service of bacon or a kit to make candied bacon, The Baconer will keep the pickiest bacon lover happy.

Customers can shop XXL bacon steaks, a variety of bacon rub sets, bacon-wrapped sausage kits, ground bacon and smoked lardons.

The Baconer is for dedicated home cooks and chefs who really like to play with their food and how it’s served up.

Types of bacon: Subscriptions options include: smoked lardons, small-batch bacon, mega bacon, ground bacon, bacon steaks, and various options.

Features: Provides overnight shipping. Bacon is responsibly sourced from small family farms.

Price: $98 to $205

Shop The Baconer

ButcherBox Subscription Box

Image used with permission by copyright holder

ButcherBox is a little different than the boxes above in that while it is not solely dedicated to bacon, if you were so inclined, you could literally order only bacon and make ButcherBox your own personal bacon subscription box. That being said, ButcherBox is great because it offers up both curated boxes or you can do what we would do and customize your own box.

Regardless of which way you go, you’ll be getting a variety of meats — ranging from ground beef to chicken thighs to pork ribs to, of course, bacon. If you were to choose bacon and only bacon, you’d have 60 ounces of nitrate-free bacon delivered once a month for as many months as you choose. Our suggestion? Get the bacon, but try out the rest of their meats, too.

Types of bacon: Pederson’s Sugar-Free Nitrate-Free Bacon

Features: Order every month or every other month; auto-reorder; option for add-ons; free shipping.

Price: Classic Size with six cuts for $149 per month; Big Size with 12 cuts for $270 per month. Specials can also be found that offer free bacon in every Butcher Box order.

Once you have the bacon, make sure you cook it the right way.

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