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Best Weight Watchers Membership deals for October 2022

It comes as no surprise that Weight Watchers remains one of the most popular weight management programs in the world. Weight Watchers membership has grown steadily since it began in the 1960s when founder Jean Nidetch starting holding meetings in her Queens, NY home. At a time when the prevalence of obesity among U.S. adults tops 42%, according to the CDC, Weight Watchers continues to attract new members. More than just a diet plan, Weight Watchers offers a healthy lifestyle program that includes mental, physical, and emotional health components. There are four types of Weight Watchers Membership. We rounded up the best Weight Watchers Membership deals with information on what you get with each Weight Watchers Membership plan below.

Today’s Best Weight Watchers Membership Deals:

How to Choose a Weight Watchers Membership

Weight Watchers currently offers four membership plans in the U.S. We’ve outlined the four plans below. Each membership plan is offered on a per weekly cost basis. All plans except the 1-on-1 Coaching plans are sold in one-month, 3-month, or 6-month packages.

Weight Watchers Digital Membership Plan, starting at $3 per week –
The Weight Watchers Digital membership plan provides the basics you need to participate in and benefit from the full Weight Watchers healthy-living lifestyle program. This plan includes a customized weight-loss and wellness plan. You get digital tools to track what you eat and a barcode scanner you can use to scan ingredient barcodes on food you purchase. There’s a full database of recipes and a lookup database to check the Weight Watcher points of specific menu items from many restaurants. You’ll receive weekly guided workouts and meditations. In addition, as a Digital member, you have the opportunity to enter weekly check-ins and see progress reports that show how you’re doing based on your goals.

Weight Watchers Digital 360 Membership Plan, starting at $4 per week –
The Weight Watchers Digital 360 membership includes everything in the Digital plan, plus live, on-demand digital content by experts in all areas of the Weight Watchers program. As a Digital 360 member, you also can choose from live scheduled classes, podcasts, and virtual events hosted by professionals in weight-loss and wellness.

Weight Watchers Unlimited Workshops Membership Plan, starting at $6 per week –
If you are interested in live meetings, the Weight Watchers Unlimited Workshops membership includes the full list of Digital membership features plus the chance to meet with Weight Watchers coaches and other Weight Watchers members in person-to-person meetings and workshops in your area. This plan isn’t available everywhere, but you can find out about your area by entering your zip code on the Weight Watchers website. With in-person meetings, you can meet other people in the area who are motivated and working on their own plans. This is a chance to add accountability and get extra support. Weight Watchers has also added Virtual Workshops as part of this membership plan.

Weight Watchers 1-0n-1 Coaching Membership Plan, starting at $9 per week – 
If you would like to work with the same Weight Watchers coach throughout your membership, the Weight Watchers 1-on-1 Coaching membership plan gives you that opportunity. This plan includes the features of the Digital membership plan above, plus you get to pick a certified Weight Watchers coach. This arrangement can give you continuity as you work on your healthy lifestyle program. Your coach can help you set goals based on your needs and preferences and then follow with personal accountability, encouragement, and support with direct messaging and weekly phone and video coaching sessions. The 1-on-1 Coaching membership is available with a one-month plan with no long-term commitment on your part.

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