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Best Cheap Exercise Bike Deals for September 2021

If you haven’t been peer pressured to purchase an exercise bike for your home gym by now, you must have ironclad willpower. Patience is a virtue and yours has paid off tremendously, as there are a ton of incredible exercise bike deals available right now. Brands are slashing prices on these costly exercise machines to meet Q1 sales goals, which means you can score a cheap exercise bike.

While it’s great to go on a refreshing outdoor bike ride, sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate. As we prepare to leave winter behind later this month, we can certainly expect some spring showers. When that happens, it’s best to hunker down indoors and adjust all your workouts to be indoor-friendly. It’s not quite the same as clocking miles out on the open road, but it’s an effective cardio workout that can be done indoors at any time. If you’re in the market for a cheap exercise bike but you’re not sure which model is right for you, check out these exercise bike deals below.

Today’s Best Cheap Exercise Bike Deals

Get fit and healthy at home with the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike, designed for stability with its two-way adjustable, non-slip handlebar and steel frame. more
This magnetic resistance exercise bike from Echelon has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and comes with a membership period worth $120 for free. more
This adjustable cycling bike comes easily monitors your distance, speed, pulse, and more through the LCD display and comes in safe pedals design and PAD mount. more
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Make your workouts fun and effective as you cycle while watching television or listening to your favorite tunes and burn as much as 400 calories in 40 minutes while exercising with this bike. more
This adjustable JOROTO cycling bike is perfect for indoor exercises and various workout plans as it offers a silent ride to ensure a quiet household. more
This exercise bike boasts pulse sensors and a digital monitor that allows you to monitor parameters like speed, cadence, calories burned, time, and distance while you sweat it out. more
Cycling enthusiasts of all levels will benefit from this exercise bike, with its adjustable resistance levels powered by a magnetic resistance system and digital display for added convenience. more
This folding exercise bike, equipped with 8-level magnetic tension, is compact and easy to move around—an ideal purchase to help you set the pace of your workout. more
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This indoor cycling bike comes in a 4-ways adjustable non-slip handlebar and 4-ways adjustable saddle—a perfect exercise bike for all ages and fitness levels. more
Achieve a total body workout with this easy-to-use and effective exercise bike, featuring an adjustable gel-type seat and manual tension control for maximum comfort. more
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This indoor cycling bike has a stylish design which makes it suitable for any modern home. It also has a durable frame and anti-skid cage pedal. more

Cardio Equipment Deals

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Upgrade your gym setup with these awesome deals on cardio equipment, allowing you to save more from buying them without discounts. more
What makes this exercise bike worth the buy is its magnetic resistance which can make your workout a light to intense one. Keep cycling and retaining balance with 8 levels of resistance. more
With a fully adjustable resistance system for a convenient workout, this durable stationary bike with a 250 lbs weight capacity will surely keep your home workout routine consistent. more
Upgrade your home gym and save more with these discounted pieces of gym equipment on Overstock for indoor cycling bikes and save more. more

How to Choose an Exercise Bike

The best thing about exercise bikes is that they combine the effective cardio workout of biking with the convenience and comfort of working out indoors. It’s also great on your knees and joints, unlike machines like an elliptical or treadmill. If you’re considering purchasing an exercise bike, there are a few different styles available to choose from.

Upright Exercise Bike: These bikes are designed to ride in a seated position. They typically offer handlebars and front displays to track your time, distance, and sometimes even your heart rate. They’re best for anyone looking for a moderate cardio workout.

Indoor Cycling Bike: If you enjoy outdoor cycling, an indoor cycling bike is the closest you’re going to get to the real thing. These bikes are designed for high-intensity training, allowing riders to sit or stand on the machine and with features that mimic the changing road conditions one experiences on an outdoor ride. The most important feature of indoor cycling bikes is resistance, which you should make sure is adjustable to levels that align with your personal fitness goals.

Recumbent Exercise Bike: A recumbent exercise bike looks completely different from a standard exercise bike. Instead of sitting on top of the bike, recumbent bikes feature a design that have you seated in a reclined position with the pedals out in front of you. The added back support is ideal for anyone with back problems or pre-existing injuries. Recumbent bikes can take up more floor space than the other two styles, so be sure to measure your space before purchasing this machine.

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