Worn Out Wednesday – John Peabody

 Today we speak to New York based journalist John Peabody:

I’m a freelancer writer and photographer and a blogger for my own site, the Hand & Eye, which covers makers and creative entrepreneurs. That’s sort of a catchall way of saying I write and photograph people who are craftsmen and have their own businesses. I find that people who are following their passions and running their own businesses are hugely inspiring. I hope to catch a little of that and share it on the site.

I’ve been working in journalism since I was in college – originally at a paper in Colorado, then California, and eventually back in New York City. My last job working for a big media company was at Reuters where I was the small business editor. That’s what really turned me on to this amazing mini industrial/manufacturing revival that we’re seeing today that I cover on the Hand & Eye.

Now most of my time is spent in this space. I write for Newsweek, Inc., Boston Magazine, Hodinkee, and most recently Quartz. I also recently launched a small online shop on the Hand & Eye that sells collaborations with some of the makers we’ve featured. They’re things that are only available on the site.

To round it all out, I also do some consulting work for startups and brands, mostly about content and general digital/social strategy. I have a new project that’s launching early January as well so I can’t say too much about it right now, but I can’t wait to share it.

 As for my personal style:

Jeans: I’ve spent the last year and a half in a pair of Imogene + Willie Barton Rigids. They’ve held up well. Also, I’m a 33×30, which is sort of an odd size for denim but they tailor in-house before shipping so it’s really easy.

Shirts: My everyday standard is a blue J-Crew vintage oxford shirt. And I mean every. Single. Day. If it’s cold, I wear a LL Bean signature chamois shirt, most likely blue. Pretty much everything I wear is blue.

Pants: Oh man, Dockers. They have a pair called the Alpha Khaki that fits really well and if I’m not in jeans I’m in these. I sort of get teased by friends and family for wearing skinny pants and there’s a weird pleasure I get from telling them they’re Dockers.

Suits: Well I have a Calvin Klein suit (dark blue) that fits like a glove but I definitely have my eye on something from Billy Reid.

Shoes: Red Wing Iron Ranger boots currently in Red Wing Minnesota getting re-soled with something with some actual tread. Took too many falls last winter because of those things. In the summer, Eastland boat shoes every day.

Accessories: I wear a Tag Heuer Carrera with a leather Hodinkee strap. A while ago I picked up the habit from my old man of carrying a bandana in my pocket everyday. These days it’s one from my shop on the Hand & Eye. My girlfriend designed it and we worked together a lot on it and the site, so it’s kind of a cool reminder of what’s possible when you set your mind to something.

Outerwear: I have a Billy Reid Car Coat that I got a few years ago. It’s a beautiful brown tweed sort of ¾ length coat with an absolutely perfect fit. Every time I wear it I feel like a king, which one sort of needs every now and then in NYC.

Favorite Cologne: No cologne but I’m particular partial to the Bay Rum aftershave at C.O. Bigelow. Not getting to use it everyday is the one drawback to having a beard.

 Your favorite App: Google Maps. I was a geography major in college and we used to fantasize about what would be possible in the future of mapping. It far exceeds everything we dreamed of.

Favorite piece of technology: My phone.

Next tech purchase: My iPhone is on its third screen. It’s barely hanging on. Presently trying to decide if I’m going to make the jump to Android.

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