What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner: The Perfect Attire for Men

Wedding season is upon us and with it comes the dread of dolling up for rehearsal dinner, after rehearsal dinner, after-after rehearsal dinner. But why not take this catered affair as an opportunity to steal the show? The rehearsal dinner offers an opportunity to elevate your attire and stand out among the second cousins and crazy aunts. It doesn’t matter if you’re rolling stag, with the love of your life, or hoping to see that special someone from back in the day, looking good will help deflect away from your fancy footwork once the music starts spinning.

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Here’s what to wear for a rehearsal dinner — we’ve crafted the perfect attire for men.

When it comes time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner, the choices are up to you. However, you should definitely take the upcoming dinner and following events as an opportunity to dress to the nines, or at the very least the eights. There will be people in attendance that you haven’t seen in quite some time, right along with those that you see every Thursday for trivia night, but with a new look, everyone will be meeting you for the first time. It’s a given rule that you’re not supposed to outshine the bride, but the groom? Leave in him in the dust and make sure the bride is telling him that she wished he dressed more like you.

Coat: Maison Margiela Minimal Blazer

what to wear a rehearsal dinner attire men maison martin margiela black minimal blazer

Worn casual or formal, the sport coat is a versatile piece that accentuates the outfit. The Maison Margiela minimal blazer is as it says, minimal. The lines are clean and the pockets, lapels, and buttons have been stripped. It’s stealth in its appearance and leaves the annoyance of up and down, button-unbutton, etiquette on the hanger at home. Better yet, the Maison Margiela minimal blazer will look great with any pant matched its Italian craftsmanship.

Pants: Duer Limitless Stretch 9 to 9 Slim

what to wear a rehearsal dinner attire men duer pant

Similar to the jacket, the rehearsal dinner begs for an adaptable pant. The Duer 9 to 9 Slim is a phenomenal choice as the design and fit are as fashionable as they are functional. They are slim-fitting, but unlike other thigh-hugging pants, you won’t be restrained by the stitched fabrics. Duer offers a trademarked stretch technology and mixed color-lock technology to keep them looking fresh from amuse-bouche to last call.

Shirt: Proper Cloth Japanese Light Indigo Slub Chambray

what to wear a rehearsal dinner attire men paper cloth shirt

At some point during the night, your jacket will have left your shoulders and found a new home on the back of a chair or caped over a lucky somebody — because chivalry still exists — so you’ll need a shirt capable of standing alone. The Paper Cloth Japanese Chambray climbs said pedestal with slightly uneven weaves and textured indigo color. It’s a shirt with a look and feel that gets better with age. For the event, paired with or without a tie and you’ll be looking real fly.

Are you starting to see the recommendations are built on versatility and coming together as a show stopper ensemble?

Shoes: Aldo Bursey

what to wear a rehearsal dinner attire men aldo shoe

The smile on your face can certainly be attributed to the happiness of your feet. The Aldo Bursey was constructed with the rehearsal dinner in mind and a tailored style to complete the look. The nubuck leather gives the shoes a textured look complimented by a vibrant rubber sole. Beyond the pant cuff, the Bursey’s are ready for the garden cocktail hour and standing through hours is this guy still talking speeches. The color choice is up to you, but take note that the navy tint will look great with your Japanese Indigo Chambray.

Belt: Thursday Boots Original Belt

what to wear a rehearsal dinner attire men thursday boots belt

Though the beltless look is starting to make a run at the standard, rarely will any pant stay where it’s supposed to without a little cinched help. The Thursday Boots Original Belt is simple and sophisticated, all while clasped with a square silver buckle. And you can never go wrong with a solid leather belt, especially when this Original Belt can be dressed up or down.

Watch: Telio Watches Apollo

what to wear a rehearsal dinner attire men apollo watch

You don’t have to complete the outfit with a watch, but you should. The Telio Apollo will add a sleek and refined finish to your rehearsal dinner threads. Regardless if you’ll ever need to know the time, the Apollo beckons conversation as it peaks out from under your cuff resting at the bar awaiting your next cocktail. The all black face and frame matched with the big and little hands sitting on a desolate face add to your polished look and assures everyone that you went the extra mile to tender your outfit for the eve.

Sunglasses: Raen Wiley

what to wear a rehearsal dinner attire men raen wiley sunglasses

Whether needed for the drive to, protection on the patio before dinner, or to hide the cocktails you had before arriving, you’re going to need a pair of sunnies suited to your outfit. The Raen Wiley is a polarized set of opticals with a modern style that will move right with you as you’re shuffled from room to room by the wedding planner. They are lightweight with modern lines and so stylish that you might just be that guy that wears his sunglasses at night.

Is it time for the ceremony? Here’s what to wear to the actual wedding.


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