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Tudor’s latest Black Bay gives fans what they want: A smaller, thinner GMT

Try this smaller version on for a slimmer look

Tudor Black Bays on table

If you are a fan of Rolex but don’t want to dive deep into the process or the financial commitment to procure yourself one of the Swiss giant’s products, then you may want to swap over to the sister brand, Tudor. They are known for their sports watches that have the same style, quality, and elegance as their more popular sister, with a price point that feels a little more attainable. That doesn’t mean they don’t make their own splashes at Watches and Wonder as they drop one of their newest sure-fire hits, the Black Bay 58 GMT, in a newer, smaller, sleeker model.

If your ears are perking up and your interest is piqued, then read on to discover what Tudor watches have in store for you in 2024.

Smaller is in style

Tudor Black Bay on wrist

Everything is starting to go old school. Pleats are back, 70s-era knits are sliding back for the summer, and the 90s colorways and baggy fits are sneaking back into our closets. It seems every industry and every brand is doing all they can to capture the old-school look. The Black Bay 58 GMT is no exception, as Tudor is looking to take this watch all the way back to the 1950s with a smaller 39mm case. That makes it smaller than the original Black Bay GMT’s 41mm case. It also is a bit slimmer than the original, coming in at 12.8mm.

Keeping it classic

2 Tudor Black Bays

The Black Bay 58 GMT may be smaller, but that doesn’t mean it is less durable. It is still just as formidable as its predecessors. It sports the traditional “Coke” bezel (meaning it has the black and red bio-directional bezel used for multiple time zones) and features a gilt as well (meaning the numbers or other lettering is gold or painted to look that way). The 58 also features the classic “snowflake” hands that call back to the original builds and reach back to combine 70 years of dive watch excellence to bring you something you can count on.

But it isn’t old either. This watch also sports the Manufacture Calibre MT5450-U, powering the Black Bay 58 GMT. This illustrates the technical development process Tudor is known for and uses adaptable movement architecture that integrates new functions rather than resorting to added bells and whistles. This may sound like mumbo jumbo to some, but the watch purists are salivating at the robust nature of Tudor’s new baby. So if you are the kind of man that looks for something old-school in feel while grounded in new-school innovation, or if you are someone who is dedicated to the vintage look that is dominating the style industry in 2024 — or even if you just have smaller wrists and are looking for something that fits right, the Tudor Black Bay 58 GMT is the watch you should keep your eye on as you peruse the offerings at Watches and Wonders.

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