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Ten Thousand Taps UFC, BJJ Stars for Its New MMA Training Kit

Ten Thousand

We admit, Ten Thousand makes a great pair of workout shorts. And its loungewear, including the Recover Pant? Chef’s kiss. But its latest capsule release, dubbed the Fight Kit and dropped on Monday, May 17, marks an ambitious move for the company into a niche mixed martial arts space. It’s no wonder, then, that it tapped some notable UFC and jiujitsu stars to make sure it got it right.

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The Fight Kit is part of Ten Thousand’s Pro Line, a series of specialty-use products apart from its everyday workout gear. To date, they’ve released the amphibious Set Short, the military-inspired Tactical Short, and the running-specific Distance Short. Its Fight Kit includes the Fight Short, a specialized bottom designed for the mixed martial arts and jiujitsu communities.

The Fight Short, along with the Fight Rash Guard, are subtlety packed with design tweaks that make them more than up for the task. The Short features a liner with a gripper hem to ensure it doesn’t bunch during a roll, while the complete lack of pockets, buttons, or zippers prevents distractions mid-round. A warp-knit gusset allows the user to capitalize on his flexibility even further with enhanced range of motion. As for the Rash Guard, the archetypal piece is already a staple and nearly universally adopted within the no-gi side of the sport, but this one may just be its epitome. Reinforced seams follow the contour of the body so that it won’t tear or catch while you’re pressing an advantage, while a gripper hem prevents it from ending up around your nipples mid-round. Both pieces are fast-drying, possess insane tensile strength, and are imbued with a permanent anti-odor treatment, which the company claims allows you to go multiple sessions between washes. (Our recommendation: Regardless of maker claims, be kind to your partner and at least rinse your gear in the sink between classes.)

Ten Thousand

While Ten Thousand’s Pro Line is comprised of products markedly different in focus, all have been designed with the input and feedback from experts in their respective fields. The Fight Kit continues this heritage. Big names within the sports contributed input toward what would become the finished product, the most well-known of whom has to be two-time UFC Bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz, who still commentates on major fight nights. Clark Gracie, the grandson of the same Gracie who founded Brazilian Jiujitsu; Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champion Bobby Maximus; and restauranteur Michael Chernow, a 10-year Muey Tai vet, also contributed, among many others.

“With the Fight Kit, we wanted to completely reimagine modern fight gear,” Ten Thousand co-founder Keith Nowak said in the release. “From concepting to prototype evaluation to wear testing, our team of MMA champs, UFC icons, and Brazilian Jiujitsu blackbelts worked with us every step of the way, ensuring the Fight Kit not only meets their needs, but the needs of every combat sport athlete, regardless of their fighting style or skill level.”

Now, we’re not claiming that switching your training gear to Ten Thousand’s new Fight Kit will be a one-way ticket to the UFC’s Octagon. But if you’ve been rolling in basketball shorts and are ready to take your practice to the next level, it starts with the right tool for the right job. With its latest release, Ten Thousand may have just crafted the most technologically advanced equipment ever created for jiujitsu and mixed martial arts.

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