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The Taylor Stitch x Stetson Collab Is the Partnership of Our Dreams

There are some collaborations that are very nearly too good to be true — a meeting of the minds between two brands that makes so much sense, and produces such stylish results, you wonder why it hadn’t happened before. Or perhaps, you wonder if you dreamed it. That’s high praise, but that’s the way we feel about the Taylor Stitch x Stetson collaboration, a recently launched menswear offering that blends a heritage hatmaker (that’d be Stetson) with a brand that embodies the spirit of the modern man (Taylor Stitch, naturally).

taylor stitch stetson jeans
Taylor Stitch

The two have come together on a capsule collection rollout this winter that’s available for pre-funding right now exclusive via Taylor Stitch. Run, don’t walk, to pick up your new favorite menswear for 2020 (and well beyond). The offering encompasses beautiful denim, a standout pair of moto boots, updated takes on the classic Western shirt, and, of course, the coolest hats around, with prices ranging from $125 to $348.

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The Taylor Stitch team feels the capsule collection plays off what both brands do best, Taylor Stitch Co-Founder and CEO Michael Maher said.

“All in all, the Taylor Stitch x Stetson collaboration allows us to leverage each other’s customer networks to introduce both brands to new audience members,” he elaborated. “By launching exciting products through our innovative Workshop model, we’re able to welcome new customers while also limiting waste of valuable physical & financial resources.”

taylor stitch stetson shirt hat pool
The Natural Corded Western Shirt paired with the Stetson Road Warrior Hat. Taylor Stitch

Going beyond the classic offerings at Stetson has yielded some standout results (we think). Witness the handsome, rugged Natural Corded Western Shirt or the Stetson Road Warrior Hat (a packable hat made to be worn on plenty of adventures). The end result is a collaboration to be savored, enjoyed, and worn on the open road. In fact, you could pair multiple pieces from the collaboration together in one ensemble, from your Stetson hat right on down to the rugged, simply beautiful moto boots that the two brands produced.

The only drawback? You’ll have to wait until March, when collaboration product begins shipping out, to get started on making your own memories in Taylor Stitch x Stetson. Of course, good things come to those who wait.

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