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The Taylor Stitch Restitch Collection Makes Your Old Gear New Again

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Perhaps you’re well-acquainted with a wardrobe full of Taylor Stitch menswear, the San Francisco-based brand has been churning out expertly cut shirts and stylish chinos for men (plus plenty more) for years. If not, prepare to be because Taylor Stitch is taking an even bigger, eco-conscious step forward with the launch of Restitch, what the brand calls a “bold take-back program” to turn your well-loved Taylor Stitch essentials into stylish new gear.

To launch the new program, Taylor Stitch teamed up with logistics company Yerdle, a business that excels at working with sustainable brands like Patagonia on developing “circular economy” programs that give old clothing new life. And true to form, the Taylor Stitch Restitch Collection lives up to its billing – stylish, sustainable and great for your wardrobe (more on our favorite picks in a second).

The impetus behind launching Taylor Stitch’s Restitch program? “Restitch is our response to the clothing industry’s overproduction issue,” said Taylor Stitch CEO and Co-Founder Michael Maher.  “85 percent of all apparel ends up in landfills, including what is donated. 100% has the ability to be recycled or upcycled. Through Restitch, and our partnership with Yerdle, we prove there is no end of life, only end of use.”

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Restitch itself is a two-part program, allowing customers to send in old Taylor Stitch clothes using a pre-paid shipping label (or visiting a Taylor Stitch store). The crucial second part of the program? The fact that Yerdle turns old Taylor Stitch garments into shoppable wares that range from good-as-new to slightly worn (or hardly at all). The Restitch Collection runs the gamut from classic Oxfords to tough work shirts, too.

Similar to other programs created by brands like Marine Layer, Taylor Stitch tapped its community of loyal fans – many of whom love to pre-fund the brand’s iconic outerwear and short-run shirts and denim – to send back old garments. In the end, the resulting Vintage Collection features more than 40 “new” fan favorites available for purchase.

But talk is cheap. What exactly should you buy from the Taylor Stitch Restitch Collection? Here’s what we love so far.

Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt in Salt & Pepper Chambray
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Take your pick from either lightly worn or “good as new” options of this durable, tough utility shirt – a mighty handy layer to keep around on your next camping trip or on a breezy summer evening.

Taylor Stitch Restitch The Hyde Shirt in White Royal Oxford
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Made from organic cotton and featuring a crisp semi-spread collar, this might just be the perfect dress shirt (although it’s also the perfect length to wear untucked with a pair of the brand’s tan chinos). Take it from us: Taylor Stitch shirting is seriously high-quality.

Taylor Stitch Restitch The Gibson Jacket in Asphalt 
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Utterly timeless and classic is the name of the game when it comes to Taylor Stitch’s outerwear and blazers, so this Restitch edition of the Gibson Jacket (a classic three-button blazer made for seasonal travel) is a winner, particularly when you pick up the “good-as-new” iteration.  

For more recycled fashion, shop the entire Restitch collection here.

Looking for more environmentally friendly pieces to add to your wardrobe? Check out Marine Layer’s Re-Spun collection, which exchanges store credit for every five old tees you send in to be recycled.

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