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Ray-Ban and Facebook Release Snazzy Smart Glasses

Ray Ban-Stories in a classic Wayfarer frame.
Ray Ban-Stories in a classic Wayfarer frame. Image used with permission by copyright holder

Looking for style, comfort and a bit of magic in your sunglasses? Ray-Ban has now teamed up with Facebook to launch Ray-Ban Stories, smart shades that will never let you miss a photo again.

Appearing in iconic Wayfarer, Round, or Meteor frames, Ray-Ban Stories may look like traditional glasses, but take a closer look and you’ll notice two small cameras on either side of the lenses. Wearers can press a button and the glasses will begin recording whatever they are looking at.

Instant photo and video (for up to 30 seconds) let you capture spontaneous moments using the dual 5-megapixel cameras. A quick button press or a hands-free Facebook Assistant voice command — “Hey Facebook, take a photo” — lets you snap spontaneous moments. The first-person perspective footage allows anyone watching to be able to truly see the world from your eyes.

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Ray-Ban Stories are also designed with everyone’s privacy in mind, helping device owners and photo subjects feel comfortable, safe, and informed. A capture LED lights up at the corner of the lens when cameras are on to notify nearby people that photography or recording is taking place. Users can set privacy settings via the companion app and turn the glasses’ tech functionality off via a switch inside the arm. 

After you’ve captured pics and/or video, the “Facebook View” companion app enables you to browse through footage, edit, and enhance everyday memories captured on Ray-Ban Stories and share the content via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, or any other social media app.

A built-in Bluetooth, 3-microphone audio array allows you to listen to your favorite media, music, or podcast from any phone app  as well as take calls from your Ray-Ban Stories. And a portable charging case keeps the glasses charged for up to three days.

Ray-Ban Stories is far from the first product with these capabilities. In 2017, Snapchat tried a similar product, called “Snapchat Spectacles” and in 2015, Google Glass premiered, but its lack of a signature look failed to entice consumers, ending up in Sweden’s “Museum of Failure” just two years later.

Starting at $299, you can choose from 20 combinations of frames and lens styles. Ray-Ban Stories are available now at select Ray-Ban stores, on and will be rolling out to retailers in 6 countries soon, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Italy, Ireland, and Australia. They are also available with Polarized (starting at $329), Transitions ($379), and prescription lens (varied pricing). 

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