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Piaget revives its iconic yellow-gold Polo 79 watch, offering a modern twist on a glitzy throwback

Piaget celebrates 150th anniversary with Polo 79 watch revival

Piaget Polo 79 watch

In the realm of horology, where timepieces serve as both functional accessories and status symbols, few names command as much reverence and admiration as Piaget. With a legacy spanning over a century and a half, Piaget has continually pushed the boundaries of luxury watchmaking, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde design. Now, to commemorate its illustrious 150th anniversary, Piaget is resurrecting one of its most iconic creations: the Polo 79 watch, reimagined in resplendent yellow gold.

Piaget Polo 79 watch

The Piaget Polo 79: A 150th anniversary revival

The revival of the Piaget Polo 79 holds profound significance within the community of watches for men. Originally introduced in the 1980s, the Polo 79 swiftly garnered acclaim for its bold aesthetic and technical prowess. Its distinctive integrated bracelet, sleek profile, and sophisticated dial design epitomized the spirit of luxury sports watches of that era. Now, with its triumphant return, the Polo 79 pays homage to Piaget’s rich heritage while embracing the ethos of contemporary watchmaking.

The Polo 79 makes a bold statement with its gleaming 18-karat yellow gold construction, weighing in at nearly 200 grams distributed across the case, bracelet, dial, and hands. Unlike its predecessor, this iteration boasts a larger 38mm diameter and 7.35mm thickness, trading some elegance for a more substantial presence.

A significantly upgraded movement

The new iteration of the Polo 79 exudes opulence and refinement. Every detail, from the polished case to the intricately textured dial, reflects Piaget’s unwavering commitment to excellence. The watch boasts an ultra-thin profile, courtesy of its micro-rotor movement, ensuring both elegance and comfort on the wrist.

One of the most significant upgrades of the Polo 79 lies within its movement. Departing from quartz, it now houses Piaget’s ultra-thin caliber 1200P1, an automatic micro-rotor caliber measuring a mere 2.35mm. While many anticipated a reissue of the original Polo, the Polo 79 offers a distinctively different wearing experience despite its visual similarities.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Polo 79 represents a testament to Piaget’s technical prowess. Equipped with a self-winding movement, meticulously crafted in-house, the watch delivers impeccable precision and reliability. Whether worn as a statement piece or an everyday companion, the Polo 79 exemplifies the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking excellence.

Piaget Polo 79 watch on wrist

How/where to buy the new Piaget Polo 79

With its limited availability and exclusive nature, the Piaget Polo 79 is destined to become a coveted collector’s item. Fortunately, discerning individuals can secure their own piece of horological history through authorized Piaget retailers and boutiques, as well as on the Piaget website.

Priced at $73,000, the Polo 79 commands attention not only for its luxurious aesthetics but also for its substantial weight in terms of both gold and cost. While the exquisitely crafted gold case and bracelet are undeniably alluring, potential buyers may find themselves torn when comparing it to other offerings in its price range.

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