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PATRÓN x John Geiger Streetwear Collab

PATRÓN Tequila has once again teamed up with famed streetwear designer, John Geiger, to create the PATRÓN x John Geiger limited edition GF-01 sneaker. Inspired by the vibrant PATRÓN agave fields, the PATRÓN Tequila x John Geiger GF-01 sneakers are made with rare materials and a color palette inspired by the brand’s agave fields in Jalisco, Mexico.

Every product released by John Geiger has an individual story and no opportunity is ever wasted with Geiger to explore and experiment with his vision further. Geiger bases his creativity on three pillars; versatility, style, and comfort.

John Geiger and Patron partnership.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

As versatile as PATRÓN tequila is, these sneakers can take you from the basketball courts to the bougie cocktail bar, and everywhere in between. Staying true to John Geiger’s approach of combining versatility, style, and comfort, the co-branded kicks reflect his signature street style, enriched with his ‘g’ logo, while uniquely incorporating imagery of the iconic PATRÓN bee and classic green and white colors throughout using specialty leather inspired by agave fields in Jalisco, the heart of PATRÓN.

The leather upper of the shoe consists of two shades of green alongside a white base with white laces & a white outsole with a JG pattern on the bottom of the shoe and a PATRÓN bee logo on the heel tab.

John Geiger and Patron partnership.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

“I’m consistently inspired and impressed by PATRÓN. I loved working with them last year on our streetwear collection and this is another collaboration truly driven by passion,” said designer, John Geiger. “I was really inspired by the green that you’ll see in the leather detailing, evocative of the heart of PATRÓN, the agave piñas from the fields in Jalisco, Mexico.”

Unfortunately, the limited-edition PATRÓN x John Geiger GF-01 sneakers are currently sold out. We look forward to next year’s collab.

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