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Oris’ 120th anniversary watch is a sleek, all-black Divers Sixty-Five

Oris drops an all-black Divers Sixty-Five for 120th anniversary

Oris 2024 Holstein edition

When you’re between the ages of 1 and, let’s say, 13, birthdays are a big deal; your friends come over, there’s a big cake and candles, perhaps a magician or a clown shows up to scare everyone, and if you’re lucky, it takes place at a roller rink or a bowling alley. Well, Oris watches are turning 120, meaning they’ve matured quite a bit since the days of party hats and streamers. The Swiss watchmaker has released a Hölstein Edition (named after its hometown) every year for the past five years in order to celebrate its anniversary, with just 250 pieces. Oris uses these Hölstein Editions every year to create some truly head-turning watches, and this year is no different.

Oris watches 2024 Hölstein Edition: As black as a watch can get

Oris 2024 Holstein edition

Oris watches made 2024 even more special since they hit the big 1-2-0 and gave their ever-popular retro dive watch, the Divers Sixty-Five, an all-black makeover. And when we say “all black,” we literally mean all black with not an accent color in sight minus the date window, which is printed in white (after reading that, Batman said, “No, thanks.”)

This Oris watch features a black DLC-coated stainless steel case, crown, and bezel with raised numbers on the bezel, which is also in black. The dial is matte black, and has black lettering, while the hands and indices are also black, including a black lume. The rubber strap is black with a black DLC stainless steel buckle, and the caseback is covered entirely in a black DLC coating with an engraving of the Oris Bear. He’s not really matching the all-black vibe as he’s wearing sunglasses and floral shorts but the dark winter was just too much for him.

Okay, if you took a drink every time you read the word black, you’re probably not able to read this anymore.

Additional technical specifications

Oris 2024 Holstein Edition

Okay, the aesthetics of Oris watches 2024 Hölstein Edition is black on black on black, but what about those tech specs? The DLC-coated case is 40mm, quite small and easily suitable for most wrists. A domed sapphire crystal and signed screw-down at 3 o’clock offers a decent 100 meters of water resistance. It’s powered by the Calibre 400 automatic movement, which is an in-house mechanism from Oris watches. It operates at 4 Hz, has a 120-hour power reserve, and has more than 30 anti-magnetic components.

What do we think?

Okay, an all-black watch isn’t at all practical, but then, this isn’t an average watch release; it’s to celebrate Oris watches. Anyone wanting to snap up one of the 250 pieces is not looking for a functional dive watch, they’re looking for something more special; aesthetics, as the kids are saying these days. In terms of those aesthetics, it’s a much more affordable dupe of the Omega Seamaster Diver in Black Black.

How much is the Oris watches 2024 Hölstein Edition?

Oris 2024 Holstein Edition

The new Oris watches 2024 Hölstein Edition costs a bit more than the regular Divers Sixty-Five models due to its DLC finish, and can be bought on the Oris official website for $4,200.

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