Baby Blues: Our Favorite Pairs of Light Wash Jeans for Spring

light wash jeans mens man wearing denim

Among the denim you know and love, light wash jeans are most appropriate for spring. From established brands like Raleigh Denim to fast-moving upstarts like Mott & Bow, there’s a pair, a fit and a price tag for every budding menswear aficionado. The best light wash jeans work handsomely with white sneakers, suede chukkas, Oxfords and cotton plaid shirts … in short, all the gear you’re going to reach for on a spring weekend. There’s no more time to waste when it comes to getting one of our favorite pairs of light wash denim.

Raleigh Denim Alexander Jeans in 319 Wash – $225
light wash jeans mens raleigh denim

For those among us who like our denim dark and inky and can’t quite seem to put them away entirely, the 319 Wash Alexander Jeans offer a pleasing middle ground — not too vintage-leaning, not too dark.

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Everlane Slim Fit Jeans in Mid Blue – $68
light wash jeans mens everlane slim fit

Everlane’s recent foray into the denim market comes with every last bit of transparency and style that you’d expect from a brand that built its name on those two values. The fact that the fit is classic and the styling potential is timeless? Well, those things just help. Wear ‘em with a garment-dyed black Oxford and white sneakers for the ultimate in minimal style.

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Mott & Bow Laight Jeans – $118
light wash jeans mens slim ludlow 8690 4

Mott & Bow continues to meet consumer demand with more fits and washes than ever before and at agreeable prices. The Laight Jeans brighten things up considerably for spring, with a reliably tailored fit and quality construction.

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Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Stretch Jeans – $60
light wash jeans mens 045112613 front pdp

With a brand like Levi’s and a classic fit like the 511 — certainly not as skinny as the rock-friendly 510 — you really can’t go wrong. Add in some stretch, a nice light wash and top it off with a black denim jacket and a white henley … that’s your weekend ensemble sorted.

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Lands’ End Slim Fit Jeans – $25
light wash jeans mens 459818 ag17 hf 1jt

Lands’ End is one of those purveyors of quality apparel that just gets it, hence the excellent price and quality styling behind its Slim Fit Jeans. Made for casual, breezy weekends and optimal for wearing with a crewneck sweater and your favorite pair of broken-in suede chukkas, it’s certain that you need some light wash denim for spring. 

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Bonobos The Blue Jean in Delton Wash – $128
light wash jeans mens bonobos the blue jean

You know what you’re getting with Bonobos — that is, great-fitting denim and chinos all the way around. In this case, the Delton wash shown here is ideal for spring; it’ll nicely offset a rugged white henley or a navy Oxford and white sneakers; casual is best with light wash denim.

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34 Heritage  Charisma Light Milan Jeans – $195
light wash jeans mens 34 heritage

More relaxed fits are back in play now, yet there’s no going back to overly baggy JNCO jeans. The easygoing Charisma Light Milan Jeans shown here are a nice middle ground, with a fit and wash that still works for the office.

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