The Most Stylish Blue Light-Blocking Glasses for Men

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We all know that light — the electromagnetic spectrum, to be specific — encompasses a variety of different kinds of rays, including the visible rainbow: Roy G. Biv, if you will. (Don’t know what we’re talking about? You might want to watch this video.)

Of these colors, we need to watch out for B, or blue light. This particular wave length, which is constantly emitted by computer screens, televisions, and mobile devices, is known to cause eye strain and fatigue. However, eyeglass manufacturers have caught on to this and started crafting blue-light blocking lenses, a type of clear lens that usually features an anti-glare coating so all the blue light is reflected away for your precious peepers.

Below, you can peruse our picks for the best blue light-blocking glasses for men and let us know if you like what you see (pun intended). These stylish options can be purchased with or without a prescription (meaning blue light-blocking technology is your only excuse to wear fake glasses).

Look Optic Screen
look optic abbey crimson

Look Optic’s Screen collection can reduce blue light by 53 percent. We love the circular Abbey frame, which comes in three matte colors: light gray, crimson, and army green. If the rounded look isn’t your style, Look Optic also offers the square Sullivan and the rectangular Bond, as well as a 30-day trial period to test out your new blue light-blocking glasses.

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Jins Screen
Jins MCF-17S-243 aquamarine

Jins has a wide variety of frames to choose from, and every single one has the option to add Jins Screen, the brand’s blue light-blocking tech for your usual daytime computer-staring, and Jins Screen Night, which is tailored specifically for screen-watching before bedtime. Just choose your favorite style — the square MCF-17S-243 will standout in a crowd or a cubicle den — and your preferred lens at checkout for an additional $60.

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Eyebuydirect EDB Blue and Eyezen
eyebuydirect exposure

Eyebuydirect is one of the leading online retailers for eyeglasses, and the brand has not one, but two options for blue light filters. EDB Blue includes your choice of frame — may we suggest the Expousre in the awesomely named “Macchiato Tortoise” colorway?  — and lenses that can be adjusted to fit your prescription. The more intense Eyezen includes those features as well as scratch resistance and UV-protective, anti-smudge, and anti-reflective coatings.

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39DollarGlasses Blue495
39dollarglasses versailles black

This online shop boasts a range of frames and colors, but if you want glasses that will help with your computer-caused eye strain, then choose from the Blue495 selection. The Blue495 options lean towards the modest and classic, and each one includes anti-glare coating on the lenses. Our top pick is the Versailles, which comes in black and or tortoiseshell and gold. The best part? Every pair of glasses is (you guessed it) $39.

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Felix Gray
felix gray roebling

Felix Gray offers a full collection of blue light-blocking readers in a variety of frame styles, with or without a prescription. We love the whole lineup, but we’re partial to the rounded Roebling frame in this dark blue color; it’s also available in brown and tan.

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TruVision Readers
truvision readers two-pack

Do you love the simple, rectangular black frame look? Do you love deals even more? You can snag a two-pack of these easy readers for $30 on Amazon. For even more budget options, head over to our brother site, Digital Trends, which has a list of deals on computer-reading glasses.

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