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La Canadienne’s Alberto penny loafers offer a modern take on a classic slip-on shoe

Why you should buy La Canadienne's Alberto loafers

La Canadienne Loafers
Nate Swanner/The Manual / The Manual

Do you know how penny loafers got their name? Back in the 1930s, a payphone would cost a measly two pennies to make a call. Penny loafers featured a slot in the tongue that could hold a penny in each one, just enough to cover an emergency phone call home if you needed. While classic shoes have developed over time, they have largely stayed the same. La Canadienne has found a way to upgrade the penny loafer and declare the return of the classic shoe.

La Canadienne Loafers
Courtesy of La Canadienne / La Canadienne

Back with class and style

We know what you’re thinking: these are my grandfather’s shoes. There is a reason that, even after retirement, Grandpa still wore a luxurious pair of men’s loafers both in the house and with his suit. The La Canadienne Alberto showcases a timeless style and slightly more oversized silhouette than its predecessors. Still, it retains the classic look that our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers came to know and love.

Like all shoes from La Canadienne, the Alberto is built to be worn around the city. The soft and light sole keeps the shoe as comfortable as a slip-on can be without being a slipper. The suede uppers feature the company’s revolutionary City Dry technology and will be suitable for either rain or shine. The penny loafer may have had a down cycle through the 2000s and 2010s, but La Canadienne is paving the way for the classic men’s slip-on shoes to make a giant comeback.

La Canadienne Loafers

Add some color to your shoe wardrobe

What makes these loafers feel like a significant upgrade over anything else on the market, other than the City Dry, is the color. While most others will be stuck in their black or brown leather penny loafers, you will be sporting the rich blue color that will keep you more stylish than the rest. The blue suede is the perfect fit for a casual moment or a unique choice for a dress-up event.

La Canadienne Loafers

How to wear the Alberto

These shoes will be suitable for nearly all moments you decide to wear them this summer. If you are headed to a barbeque, toss these on with a pair of shorts and some no-show socks for the ultimate casual look. If you are headed to a summer wedding, the loafers will look great with a linen suit. The Alberto will work best in the in-between moments when you wear jeans or chinos with a polo or a button-up shirt. If you stick to slim-cut jeans or chinos, these will be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

This summer, you will be tempted to stick to the usual white sneakers, sandals, and dress shoes. However, La Canadienne has made it easy to invest in one pair of shoes that can replace all three with style and panache. The Alberto signals the return of the penny loafer.

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