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You can now carry the moon on your wrist with one of these moon watches with actual moon dust

There are 3 different models in this watch collection

Yanko Design Moon Dust watches
Yanko Designs

Humans are nothing if not explorers, and watches have helped them do it from day one. From discovering the New World to diving into the depths of the seas, we have always reached for the unknown. One of the most triumphant discoveries of our world was reaching beyond it entirely, as we sent brave explorers into space and put a man on the moon. The Apollo 11 mission sparked imagination and wonder in the entire world as they watched Neil Armstrong drop from the lunar module ladder and utter his famous phrase, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Accompanying Armstrong, and almost every explorer across the globe, are some of the best and most durable men’s watches on the planet.

Now, you can wear a watch that commemorates Armstrong’s walk on the moon and the entirety of the Apollo missions, as Yanko Designs releases the Interstellar LUNAR1,622 watch. Not only is it a gorgeous piece of horological engineering, but it features multiple callouts and aspects that will make you want to reach for the stars and follow in the footsteps of the most famous explorers in history. Or at least talk about it at your next party when someone asks about the striking piece on your wrist.

Yanko Design Moon Dust watch on man's wrist
Yanko Designs

The watch face contains real moon dust

You read that right. Maybe the most unique and fun part of this watch is that it holds moon dust taken from rare lunar meteorites. The moon meteorite used was ID# NWA11515 which was found in 2017 in Northwest Africa. This means you can carry on your wrist a mineral that is truly not of this world. On the list of unique watches for men, this one will be near the top.

Of course, you will have to act quickly because only 2025 of these premium models are being made to honor the Artemis III mission, which is returning us to the moon in 2025. If you don’t get a premium edition of the watch, you can get a standard edition, which still has something incredible in the 3 o’clock position, a replica of Armstrong’s footprint on the moon.

Yanko Design Moon Dust watch buried
Yanko Designs

Moondust isn’t the only lunar-inspired feature

While the moon dust is definitely the talking point of this watch, there are other callouts to the lunar missions that expanded our world beyond our atmosphere. For instance, on the back of the case is the NASA logo, melting the hearts of any space nerd. The legendary quote from Neil Armstrong also graces the outer rim for a little touch of flare. But maybe the most subtle and meaningful addition to this watch is the fact that the numbers on the face are two tones. Golden numbers represent the Apollo missions that landed safely on the moon, and silver for those who didn’t.

Of course, this moon watch is also a stellar timepiece, as the standard model features the Miyota automatic movement. Also, the Premium variant upgrades to a Swiss Sellita automatic movement, offering reliability inside a brushed stainless steel case. It’d more than just a pretty work of lunar art; it is the kind of watch you can brag about for years.

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