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The Ultimate Holiday Style Guide

In Christmases past, this season would be jammed packed with holiday parties and events galore, offering opportunities to put on our finest suits for black-tie events or kitchsy Christmas sweaters for family gathering.

This year, holiday party traditions are looking a bit different. Fewer family gatherings and office parties and more zoom gatherings that are equally as chaotic. For most of the year, comfy loungewear has been a go-to for many of us (which we aren’t complaining about) but dressing up — even with nowhere to go, allows us to hold on to some kind of normalcy.

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Whether it’s for a zoom call or a social distance gathering, we put together some of the best Christmas fits from some of our favorite clothing brands below.

Home For The Holidays

When you’re back home for the holidays you’re more than likely opting for the most comfortable and relaxing styles. You don’t want to go too comfortable or your parents might be concerned how you’re doing out in the world on your old — no matter how old you are.

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Intarsia Knit Wool-Blend Sweater

A wool-blend sweater is a great go-to for back home dressing. Simple, easy, and it will keep you warm during the frigid winter. With the classic Polo Ralph Lauren motif in festive attire, it’ll be sure to prove to your parents you’ve matured since being on your own.

Express Oversized Knit Cardigan

Nail winter layering by adding an oversized cardigan over your sweater. This knit cardigan is the ideal men’s Christmas cardigan, it will remind you of your favorite blanket keeping you snug and warm in the winter weather.

Nanushka Timo check belted coat

Face it, a good trench can upgrade any outfit. The tailored look add a sophisticated charm to the overall look.

Everlane The Selvedge Slim Fit Jean

Everlane does vintage denim well. Throw these on for a comfortable relaxed look that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas parties are very different this season. Instead of filling up tight quarters with your fellow colleagues, you’ll be at the comforts of your home on zoom — bringing BYOB to a whole new meaning. Dressing up for your zoom party is still very important, it shows your colleagues (and more importantly your boss) that you are all in for the company morale. When dressing for the holiday zoom party, much like your meetings it’s a big emphasis on waist-up attire. Whether you’re in sweats or boxers below is your business.

SALLE PRIVÉE Green Ander Slim-Fit Satin-Trimmed Cotton-Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

Nothing screams Christmas better than velvet and the color green; pair the two together and you have the ultimate sophisticated Christmas blazer that’ll be sure to impress your colleagues.

Tom Ford button-up cotton shirt

A good button-up goes a long way, way past the holiday season. We opt for a cotton material for ultimate comfort especially when you’re enjoying cocktails from the comfort of your couch.

Calvin Klein Ultra-Soft Modal Joggers

We get it, our favorite part of WFH is being as comfy as possible, too. Party on top comfort on the bottom, it’s the new at-home normal.

Holiday Dinner party

For those who will be partaking in small gatherings this season, we have you covered. As gatherings have been slim this year in general whenever we do have the opportunity to get together you want to make the best impression possible. Heading to Christmas dinner you want to be stylish but also not restricted in your clothes once the plates arrive.

Reiss Poker Dinner Jacket

An easy yet tailored dinner jacket can really put a great men’s Christmas suit look together. Pair this with a button-up or even a sweater to elevate your dinner style.

Topman Black Skinny Fit Dress Pants

You can never go wrong with a pair of black trousers. The classic look goes well with a tailored dinner jacket look.


If you really want to make an impression on guests, try for footwear that will make a statement. These croc-embossed Chelsea boots will add panache to your classic look.

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