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The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Rock This Holiday Season

If you haven’t pulled that ugly Christmas sweater out of the back of your closet yet, now is the time. Ugly Christmas sweaters are as much as part of the holiday season as drinking egg nog or watching your favorite Christmas movie. In a year where many Christmases have had to be put on pause or canceled altogether, it’s important to keep the traditions can safely celebrate alive, and wearing an Ugly Christmas sweater on your family Zoom or FaceTime call is sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit.

The best ugly Christmas sweaters are nostalgic, fun, and lucky for us, there are more options for ugly Christmas sweaters than ever. Consider the ugly Christmas sweater a nice change of pace from one of your favorite Christmas jumpers and consider it a solid way to switch things up from your regular rotation of the best sweaters for men in general.

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Amp up your sweater game in a fun and holiday-friendly way with our picks for the best ugly Christmas sweaters from some of our favorite menswear brands this year.

Fusalp Liam Printed Mock Neck Sweater

Fusalp Liam Printed Mock Neck Sweater

When we say there are plentiful options for the best ugly Christmas, we should have clarified that some of these options are bold and fashion-forward, rather than ugly, kind of like this cool number from MR. PORTER.

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater

For yourself or the Star Wars fan in your life, consider this Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater a fun way to nod toward iconic films and holiday style in equal measure.

Polo Ralph Lauren Logo Fleece Crewneck Sweater

Polo Ralph Lauren Logo Fleece Crewneck

Here’s another variation on the ugly sweater theme, with the iconic Polo Bear making an appearance to liven up your sweater rotation this season.

Tipsy Elves Caribrew Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tipsy Elves Caribrew Sweater
Tipsy Elves

Now, here’s a fun ugly Christmas sweater we can get behind, with reindeer and beers in a print that’s not all that over-the-top (and neither is the price).

Topman Check Sweater

Topman Check Sweater

Again, consider this zany printed check sweater more of a fashion statement than a typical ugly Christmas sweater, but it’ll work quite well with a sleek all-black look for a touch of fun.

Schott NYC Wool-Blend Patterned Sweater

Schott NYC Shawl Collar Button Sweater

File this rugged and handsome Schott sweater in the category of “ugly Christmas sweaters that aren’t quite so ugly” … right? Right.

KENZO Logo Jacquard Cotton Blend Sweater

KENZO Logo Jacquard Sweater

A bright and bold take on the high-fashion logo, this is the type of “ugly” Christmas sweater that a very fashion-forward Santa might wear.

Bonobos Fox Crew Neck Sweater

Bonobos Fox Crew Neck Sweater

Leave it to Bonobos to come up with a fun and colorful sweater to pair with the brand’s expertly tailored chinos.

Rag & Bone Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater

Rag & Bone Fair Isle Crew Neck Sweater
East Dane

The Fair Isle pattern is a winter favorite, and the classic look gets a fresh update here in a way that’s eye-catching and sure to turn heads at any small holiday gathering.

Alex Mill Diamond Fair Isle Sweater

Alex Mill Diamond Fair Isle Crew Sweater

The best ugly Christmas sweaters offer up something for everybody, like this refreshed and modern sweater that your father or grandfather might have worn back in the day.

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